People Have Followed Their Elected Piped Pipers Over the Abyss

Obama and the left-leaning Democratic Party has completed the lawful subjugation of individual freedom

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Thousands of years ago man discovered fire and domesticated animals. The hunter-gatherer transformed its self by reaping what it planted; farming created a new wealth and stabilized communities. Governing took on many forms, most of these forms, emphasized the power of the governor over those governed. Draconian rules and regulations forced its effect on the individual; such governmental commands, drastically limited or outright eliminated personal even the freedom of institutions and businesses. Then in 1776, a Declaration of Independence bellowed out the grievances of heretofore English subjects; a long war ensued; by 1789, a Constitution, as well as, an insistence upon Bill of Rights was enacted – free people started their journey of self governance.

Now, eight to ten thousand years after the establishment of first city, American’s governments (federal, state, county, and city) has finally, after over two hundred years of resisting socialistic policies the ideology of the collective has prevailed over the value of the individual. Socialistic principles have captured the flag of existentialism. The governments of this nation utilizing its brethren of attorneys, accountants, politicians, courts, professional bureaucrats, appointed brokers, unions, and the hierarchy of government employed supervisory-managers have diluted the freedom of individuals in favor of government encroachment and control. These advocates of government-largeness have injected government oversight and interference in every material transaction and event; they have even subjected the ownership of personal property to its whim. The election of the Obama administration and the left-leaning Democratic Party has completed the lawful subjugation of individual freedom. Interestingly, the people, have for the most part, willingly, some even cheerfully, followed their elected piped pipers over the abyss.

The people have selected the Democratic Party’s political-hawker’s promise of physical security. The people now believe that the foreign policy agenda proclaimed by Obama administration will protect this nation from its enemies. The people have bought the assurance of personal financial surety; after all, 95% (of these people) will receive a check in the mail; for these recipients, the benevolence of the federal government’s noblesse oblige sense of righteousness has validated itself. The populous phenomenon, I label, as Liberal Progressive Socialism bought the election with the promises of bread, wine, the media’s complicity and the Obama rhetoric.

A liberal-progressive favors reform, especially political reforms that extend democracy, distribute wealth more evenly, and protect the personal freedom of the individual; additionally, the word liberal could be defined as a person or entity that was broad-minded, forbearing, and is cognizant, as well as, possessing an in depth understanding of differing prospective and behavioral norms. Doesn’t sound all so bad; the contrary of such a definition must be no good even close to evil.

Of course, I the consummate conservative cannot trust words; we all heard the words of the Republican Party when they were in power; behavior is the barometer of truthfulness. Reform for its own sake is nothing less than contrarianism. All political parties are designed around the maintenance and or attainment of power. Therefore, the exactness of why term limits and transparency are not an inherent or intrinsic course of action by those who govern. Distribution of wealth is always scary but if distribution merits inclusion within policy I suggest it should start by taking in an excess of $500,000 all the Democratic Party’s elected millionaire representatives and spreading it about those poor people they boast affiliation and fraternity. Obama has suggested as much…of course he was talking about our money not his or his confederates.

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