The Israel-Palestinian Mêlée


Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Hamas is a Sunni brotherhood. Formed in 1987 and presently lead by Khaled Meshal, who having survived an Israeli assassination in Jordon, now, safely sequestered, he issues orders out of Damascus. Since there has been a Hamas its aim, intent, and mission has been the destruction of Israel; it’s strippenzieher or hauptfuehrer, Iran, (I believe both of these German expressions defines Iran as more than an enthusiastic lobbyist) is and has for years, enabled and advantaged the anti-Jewish hysteria of the region. As evidenced by the recent Gaza bombing by Israeli air and artillery, Gaza is the most recent example of Iranian gratification; Iranian influence on Hamas militancy has successfully positioned Israel with the reasoning for retaliation and for reasons of their own Israel has obliged.

Madness has embroiled these ancient bloodlines; once again, lunacy has driven these peoples of common history to justify the killing of women and children. This story of violent conflict is ten thousand years old; the madness will continue…

Because of United States cultural affiliation, Judeo-Christian heritage and geo-strategic obligations, US interest is embedded in the survival of Israel; obviously, that position is counter to the interest of Hamas, Iran, Syria, as well as, most if not all of the Middle Eastern governments. The Israel-Palestinian mêlée is an argument of intrinsic confrontation that will perpetuate like an internal propulsion engine into infinity. The only answer to resolving the conflict is to re-invent the definition of peace.

Possibly peace for Israel should mean that the less than 1% of its peoples are not being killed or maimed in some aggressive manner by any counter-party. This new definition of peace will allow the Israeli politicians to declare a new era of peace and simply take credit. Of course this new definition is applicable only to Israel, the Palestinians, will stand just as disregarded and manipulated as before; nevertheless, at a minimum one of the parties to the conflict will boast a peaceful existence.

All humanitarian efforts by Western nations, over these many, many, years, the food, clothing, outright cash, or any other sort of ‘give-a ways’ seem to enrich the empowered of the Palestinian peoples instead of the common. Certainly, US resources all supported by its taxpayers, have not made the American government or its people anymore endearing to the Palestinians.

So far, American engagement has shown little benefit…all we really seem to accomplish is to throw money at the wall as if it was mud…to date nothing has stuck.

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