America’s Political Obligation

Is anyone interested in the question or the answer?
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Since the convincing defeat of the GOP in the recent November election, the most ubiquitous question asked of the defeated by the triumphant liberal media is not a question at all; but, an only slightly veiled declaration of victory-the victory-of liberalism over conservatism. The declaratory question is posed something like this: “your party has suffered an ignominious rebuttal; the electorate has overwhelmingly rejected your candidates in favor of the Democratic field. Is this not the end of the so-called Republican values? The American people have had enough of the Bush doctrine and its mode of ‘cowboy’ foreign policy. Will you sir (or Madame) not affirm these facts?”

So far, the answers to this liberal-media-derived-declarative-style of questioning have been as unsubstantial and disingenuous as the question itself. The questioner is not really interested in the answer and the one answering has no idea how to bring the dead back to life. The answerer’s dance to the question renders almost immediate discomfort to the listener’s sensibilities because the answerer’s contextual is an almost juvenile response.  With no hesitation or forethought the answerer pledges the party’s return to the GOP’s founding principles; thereby, earning the electorate’s respect, trust and the next election. The questioner of liberal persuasion is elated, listener bored, and the answerer just as befuddled before the question was asked.  I must admit when the question is asked by a conservative media source the questioner and question is contextually kinder and delivered with genuine regard; nonetheless, the answer is just as disconcerting.

Propagandized, bullied, deceived, bribed, and contrived we citizens have lost our way; we have allowed the political spam of our political parties to be downloaded into our sense of righteousness. In congruity with the political parties, we citizens now actually believe, fanatically so, that the all-important objective of good citizenship is to affiliate and win the election.  The Democrats and the Republicans have sold us a Bill of Goods and we willingly have discarded our sense of values for the pretense of the government offerings.

Both political parties have aided and abetted the largeness of the central government. Federal taxes, fees, licensing, fines, and penalties have enriched and empowered the central government’s harvesting of cash; the other end of that funnel is the exclusive right of distribution of the very cash harvested. This power of distribution to private enterprise, public institutions, state coffers, it’s wholly owned entities and departments, have disabled the independence of those beneficiaries of federal cash in direct proportion to the enhancement of federal power. Power is the feed for and of corruption; power will corrupt; it is only a matter of when and how.

The answer to the liberal media’s question is that the American people have elected their government. This government also represents the interest and perspective of conservatives, independents, as well as, Republicans. It is incumbent upon the Obama government and to those who did not vote for the president to enjoin where possible and to voice and act in opposition when in disagreement. The Republican Party is a choice for voters; choice is essential to a politically pluralist society. Whether or not the GOP achieves electoral success is a matter managed by the American people; the party’s obligation is to set forth its governing philosophy, its legislative agenda, it objectives, and principles of political engagement in a form that is clear, honest and forthright. If the majority of the electorate vote for other than Republican candidate; so be it, the GOP does not change its intrinsic beliefs because the party did not win an election.

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