Obama – Panetta No-Torture Doctrine is Playing Patty-Cake With Terrorists

At What Priuce?
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

It is not a normal occurrence that an incoming administration, will, with grand purposeful intent, create a problem as distinguishable as closing the military prison on Guantanamo. If one is of the liberal persuasion then one must have truly enjoyed the theatrics, timing and follow-up pageantry of the Obama signing. Of course, the solution, which should precede the affirmation of any decision, has not been declared; the President, for reasons of political repute, has inverted the problem-solution equation in favor of the grandiose.

The Panetta nomination follows in suite, with the closing of Guantanamo; Obama is putting together a matching set of stupid decisions. Mr. Panetta, in the throes of a war, with no experience, has accepted a nomination that more than any other office in the land is directly responsible for safeguarding the nation from a terrorist attack. The nominee has a track record of views on the definition of torture, specifically, the practice of waterboarding and enhanced interrogations. Last year he wrote in the Washington Monthly that even if waterboarding could stop the next terrorist attack or suicide bomber, it (waterboarding) should not be permitted. Is it possible that Mr. Panetta might ask for a waiver if family targeted by the terrorist was his or the President’s?

The intelligence community has documented the effectiveness of waterboarding as well as enhanced interrogations inclusive of this documentation are specific instances of success in stopping these terrorist plots. Despite the obvious success of the past Mr. Obama in agreement with his nominee has stated; “No administration should allow the use of torture, including so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.’ Like waterboarding, head-slapping and extreme temperatures.” These two gentlemen are in agreement on playing paddy-cake, paddy-cake, with terrorist; those very terrorist that killed 3,000 Americans, the very ones that presently plot and plan to kill as many of our nation’s citizens as possible. I often wonder: What planet does Obama-Panetta live on? Surely they have not lived on planet Earth.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed-the master mind of 9/11-underwent waterboarding while in CIA custody. Does it follow that closing the Guantanamo prison and bringing this killer of innocence’s to the USA for trial, because he was ‘tortured under Obama rules’ would therefore entail throwing out all the evidence against this terrorist under on the “exclusionary rule” and his case dismissed?

Since 9/11 the US government has targeted terrorist by utilizing armed unmanned aerial vehicles; these targeted persons have not received a trial, the evidence against them has not been examined, they are being assassinated without the right to a fair trial; is this act not a greater sin than torture? Why is it acceptable for the CIA to kill targeted individual of senior al-Qaeda but not use enhance interrogation techniques once captured?

A few questions of Panetta: Obama has stated in certain terms his interest in capturing or killing Osama whether in Pakistan or not; well, let’s say the devil is captured, where would you hold him? And if the mass murder decides not to talk, let’s say, Mr. Panetta, your pretty-please form of interrogation does not entice Osama to spill-the-beans, so you follow your doctrine of no-torture-allowed; in a month, there is a nuclear detonation, a massive conventional series of suicide bombing attacks or a nerve gas explosion in New York City. Naturally, the possibility, indeed more than likely, the probability would be presented that Osama knew of the attack the conclusion would follow that waterboarding or enhance interrogation could have prevented the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. The issue of grave concern is will President Obama, Mr. Panetta, and all of your friendly liberals that are in allegiance with your ‘stupid techniques’, those of you who live as if in a Pepsi-Cola commercial, those of you who function best in a dimension other than reality, what is the recourse if you all are wrong about the definition of torture?

This entire Obama-Panetta policy of closing Guantanamo before a solution is discovered, of treating terrorist as if they are some NYC street gang; and of managing a war with campaign election rhetoric will not safeguard America. Their failure is forthcoming. The question is at what price.

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