A Comment from: Ann Crouse

Bill Barber
Are we in trouble or what?
Authored by Ann H. Crouse

What can I say…..more, more and more government control in our lives.

STIMULAS PACKAGE & ECONOMY – The stimulus package and the proposed budget is the largest give away in American history…and you and I are going to pay the price.  Through increased taxes, the wealthiest of the Americans are going to fund the entire proposed budget. 

I found it very interesting that Obama pointed out a bank CEO who gave his bonus back to his employees and retirees from his bank.  But at the same time, the CEO is no doubt one that will be paying a higher percentage of taxes and most likely will not be so inclined to share his wealth as readily in the future.

 If Obama is going to insure that banks have enough money to lend, via Geithner’s stress test, and if there is an indication that a bank is in trouble he will make sure that they can continue to operate, that sounds like a confusing scenario of government’s inclination to control, influence, or persuade the day-to-day underwriting criteria of the banks’ operations. Did we not get into this mess because congress forced banks to lend?   

ENERGY – Being in the oil and gas industry, I was very disillusioned over his energy plan.  I am afraid that my industry is in for some rough times.  Regulations are already very stiff…I am sure that that will get even more unbearable along with the market cap on combustible energy.  It appears that the present administration is going for clean and green energy, without a thought as to how many American citizens are employed by the oil and gas industry not to mention coal and coal bed methane gas. Contrary to the Obama forecast I think his proposed budget coupled with the stimulus will increase unemployment in my sector.  Maybe I could get a job running a windmill somewhere…………

HEALTH CARE – Government controlled healthcare – isn’t that Socialism?

EDUCATION – Every child will have access to higher education.  That is a commendable plan, however, where will the funding come from?  Government of course! Our tax dollars; I am in favor of strengthening the education in America, as our children are our future.  However, what makes one truly value their education is when you save and scrimp to make the payments – not when then government subsidizes the bill for you. And without a doubt I truly do not want to fund the teacher’s union where I think the majority of tax monies will finally settle.

I made the decision today to pull my investments out of the stock market.  I thought long and hard about the decision, as I do not want to add to the plight of our country’s failing economy.  But I cannot, in good conscious, play the game any longer.  Since I am by nature a positive, hopeful, glass half-full type of person-I hate to be negative, but I feel that we are in for some pretty difficult times.

Economic Downturn is a Natural Phenomenon

Bill Barber
Authored by:
William Robert Barber

This economic crisis maybe the greatest sleight-of-hand ever perpetrated; never has so few, who know so little, marshaled so much, in so short a period of time, in pursuit of repairing the effects of what has been so weakly defined. Prompted by fearful dispose, prudence has been abandon for an urgency of unprecedented legislative action so to abate the effects of an economic monstrosity of such proportion that no one can declaratively, with succinct specificity, define this greatest, this all-consuming, this current-pending horrid of horrific economic calamity.

Obama’s administration has cried out wolf and everyone is so concerned for the sheep no one notices that the shepherd’s sheep are being sheared; withstanding that no one  has even seen the wolf.  No one can testify as to its size, if it is one wolf or a pack of wolves; Obama and his experts, are the only ones who have actually understood the full thrust of the danger. Hence, sensibility has been put aside in favor of the ideological assertions of Obama and his faithful.

This is the evidence of our recession: For the last two quarters GDP has gone negative instead of positive; unemployment is or maybe by next reporting cycle as high as 8% and there are those who prophesize as high as 10% unemployment in six to nine months. The auto industry is all but for the lack of acknowledgement bankrupt. The real estate market is great for buyers and terrible for sellers. Because state coffers are filled by taxing consumption, income, and property; state governments have run out of cash to pay for services and obligations.

If there is 10% unemployment that means 90% of the people are employed. Not too shabby, all things considered. The auto industry needs to stop its stupid business nonsense and their unions need to settle on less than everything including $70.00 per hour. All markets have times when it is much better to be a buyer than a seller and conversely; that is the nature of all markets. Governments must stop services it cannot pay for-yes, that includes, medical, fire, police, and entitlements of every descriptive. Yes, people will suffer that is why there is charity, family, and one reason for established religions.

I do not know of a free and open economy that has not turned downward; by means, chartable or not, this current economic downturn is a natural phenomenon. The differing is that as never before America is engaged in a global environment; wherein, trade is no longer dependant on domestic to foreign markets. No longer does each nation retain its own domestic manufacturing. Quite the opposite, American companies are French companies in France; German in Germany, English in England and in turn for foreign companies operating as American companies in America.

Indeed, a descriptive of a free market is one that suffers the effects of downturns, recessions, and yes even prolonged economic negative growth; conversely, another descriptive of a free market is one that benefits from a rising standard of living, a booming economic upside, and consumer products that are as varied as they are inexpensive.

There are those who continue to seek what they label, ‘a fair and honest’ methodology of spreading the wealth to those who have less; interestingly, the venue of common cause to their methodology has never varied. The battle cry is a resounding, “take from those who have;” seems simple enough, America is no exception. Generally, 1% to 5% of its citizens pay in excess of 40% of the nation’s taxes; 50% of its citizen’s pay nominal to nothing in federal income taxes. Of course, all working peoples pay taxes; everyone makes a contribution but the few pay far more for the many.

Here is a question: What is size of the black money market in America? How many working people in the service industry pocket taxable income? God bless them because it is this type of income, this discretionary income that greases the wheels of many a small business. And with anonymity forgives the many unintentional consequences of tax related legislation.

Obama has successfully followed in the footsteps of his predecessor and created panic and disorder in the global markets; unlike his predecessor Obama has harvested more money from the nation’s future than any person since the Phoenicians invented letters; with careless regard, reckless exaggeration and contempt for the reasonableness of acceptable congruity his Democratic brethren have leaped off the cliff of prudence into a faithfulness of liberal-belief. A belief that the government knows what is best for its citizens. That taking from those who have so to give to those that have less is a sustainable economic model. That justice for the poor, the oppressed, the disadvantaged, and maligned will find satisfaction in union representation; that because of a large federal-state-city-county government a sizeable portion of the world’s ills will simply abate; that with more money allotted for education coupled with the surety of a national health program, diplomatic dialogue, tolerance and a thoughtful understanding of the opponent’s position, America will finally achieve the greatness of universal friendliness. Is this not more of the same tax and spent liberal-Democratic logic?

Santelli’s Stimulus 
Referendum & Tea Party

CNBC’s Rick Santelli struck one awfully big nerve last week. Reporting from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Santelli said things you don’t hear much on TV, from politicians or from talking heads.

Santelli said that “the government is promoting bad behavior” with all the bailouts.

He railed against Obama’s new mortgage bailout plan, asking workers at the Exchange, “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage, that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?” None answered in the affirmative.

Santelli mocked the recently passed stimulus plan for providing people with “a whopping $8 or $10” and then banking on the notion that citizens won’t save the money, but rush out to spend it.

And he ridiculed “the multiplier that all of these Washington economists are selling us.” Using their logic, Santelli sarcastically concluded, “We never have to worry about the economy again. The government should spend a trillion dollars an hour because we’ll get $1.5 trillion back.”

Most working people understand that “you can’t buy your way into prosperity.”

That’s what I liked best about Rick’s rant. He knows the American people are smarter than the politicians.

I like it that he called for a national, online referendum over the bailouts. The government won’t provide it, but I will. Go to CitizensinCharge.org to cast your ballot.

Santelli also called for a Chicago Tea Party. See you there.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

Paul Jacob is President of Citizens in Charge and the Citizens in Charge Foundation, which sponsors both Common Sense and Paul’s weekly Townhall Column

Obama and His Leftist-Liberal Agenda Will Fail

Bill Barber

Socialistically inclined governments intrude in every aspect of the individual citizen’s life.
Authored By William Robert Barber

This entire Obama leftist-liberal agenda is driving me nuts. The administration’s theoretic supposition that government is the only instrument of facility to enable today’s economy is at the very least, disconcerting. The leftist declare that it was private enterprise and their inherently unethical amoral behavior that created the financial debacle of present experience; it was the Republican prerogative for deregulation that catalyst an era of unbridled greed; in the final analysis, it was the greed of the privileged few who advantaged the unprivileged to the detriment of the working people. Now the battle cry from one political spectrum to another is to nationalize banks.

The scurrilous pronouncements of liberal-leftist as to the amoral-immoral nature of corporate America, is more a reflection of liberal hubris coupled with arrogant disregard then a sober analysis of what went and is wrong with today’s economy.  Indeed government is an influential participant of the economy; either by regulation, discretion, specific events or the collateral push and pull of the unforeseen government is a persistence cause and effect of economic results.  Withstanding the liberal-leftist denouncement of corporations and their behavior when compared to the transgressions of congresspersons over the history of this nation the corporations are as if heavenly inspired angels.  

The philosophical differing between liberal-leftist and conservatives could not be more contrasting then the current prospective resolutions offered by these two ideological opposites of political tendency, character and opinion. The liberal-leftist have no faith in the individual’s right of discretion and the conservatives, withstanding, their own befuddlement in the mist of today’s issues and problems believe in the individual’s right of discretion. There is the unmistakable, irrevocable, non-reconcilable ideological divide.

History has provided sufficient evidence (at least for me) that centralized or socialistically inclined governments intrinsically intrude in every aspect of the individual citizen’s life. That these types of governments by the very nature of their governing siphon the dynamics out of their economy and abate individual initiative; the people become proactively engaged in the mysticism of entitlement. Governments of socialistic form maintain and retain power by providing to the electorate an upgrade from Cesar’s bread, beer, and circus to the birth to death guarantees of life’s essentials. The perfect example is France. In France, as with the liberal-leftist faithful, more is never enough. Of course there is California, New York City, Massachusetts, Michigan; I better stop now.

By exploiting the divergence between perception and reality; excepting the rule of extraneous developments, acting with imperfect understanding, and forewarning of deficiencies, shortcomings, and failures Obama has brewed an elixir to neutralize the normality of deductive thought; he is the oracle of style who has triumphed over the hurtle of substance and objectivity. He and the policies of the liberal-left will fail; they will fail despite all efforts to the contrary. These socialist policies will fail because they do not work.

The Liberal Power Grab

Bill Barber

Blind Faith
Authored by William Robert Barber

One of the contrasting differences between America, the motherlands of Europe, and all of the other places of original genesis was America’s political process; at one time, as reflected in its leadership, we were a people of pragmatic aptitude.  Well, that’s now known as the period that was. Today’s America is one where left-liberal political ideology, inspired by the Obama administration, and prompted by a Pelosi willing congress, a core of charter-member liberal fanatics and the fan club known as the national media, have adopted a policy of: A Zen enlighten-feel as one goes approach to the major domestic issues of the day. A sort of blind faith adaptation of the faithful as illustrated in their endorsement of a stimulus bill that no one read.

Imagine the largest of the greatest amount of cash ever disbursed over the widest of sectors, which include pursuits of personal inclinations, cash-give-a-ways of obvious outright nonsense and the faithful (Democrats) felt no need to either read the pending law or discuss its merits.

Evangelists are demonist by the liberals of academia and media for their dogmatism. Their blind faith believe in the bible-for taking the authors of the bible at their word without discourse or requiring the application of deductive analysis to the contextual of their traditions and scriptures. Now the very same who cite such deviations from the rational, for not utilizing the sensibility of logic and reasonableness when searching for a prudent solution to issues of material concern have no conflict, intellectual discomfort or note of blatant contrariness in voting into law a stimulus bill that they have not read.

The beat of the Democratic drum is a resounding melodious pentameter inclusive of five units of rhetorically decorated words of metaphoric rhythm, five pairs of stress that leverages the inherence of the economic catastrophe, kind-of-it’s-not my fault declaration and unstressed syllables all designed to paint a picture, reflect a feeling, or create a symbol anything other than define the problem much less the solution.  

In the meantime America is folding its tent of existentialism. The surrender to the liberals representing the Obama administration will be historic; not since the aftermath of the civil war will federal dominance be so leveraged. The federal government’s disbursement of cash will statutorily reset federal power and control over state’s rights; power of every descriptive will overwhelmingly bend in favor of the federal government. All of this action is taken and accepted because of the supposed economic circumstance of this nation state; everyone has bought into the notion of the pending financial-economic collapse of this greatest of nations. Therefore the administration is calling for unprecedented action to address this current and forthcoming disaster of non specific doom; the usurpers of sensibility (the Obama faithful) declare with a moral indignation of almost divinely inspired righteousness, that unless everyone bows to our will, drinks the prepared kool aide and accepts the Obama dictated pronouncements of the way and the light-he the anointed one cannot possibly save the nation.

I (evidently one of the infinitesimal in numbers anti-Obama believers) will not surrender to this liberal grab of cash and power that is being implemented under the guise of emergency; I do not believe there is such an emergency and if there is such an emergency as the liberals define I do not believe their policies will enable a solution. I do admit I am stupefied at the willingness of the American people to lie down and permit this liberal power grab. Fear often prompts apathy and compliance; maybe the American people are simply fearful of what they do not understand?

Meaningless Pledges as the Cost of the Stimulus Rises

Bill Barber
Our Future and the Extraordinary Liberal Hustle
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

He lied; he cheated, he said that he loved me, paraphrasing some country western lyrics that embody the meaning of the Obama message of change and hope. We conservatives now understand that the Obama message is for all that agree with his political ideals and policy; the rest can fend without his consideration. This is the very same candidate who chastised the Bush administration for creating a monstrous run away deficit, for omitting in favor of secrecy any form of governmental transparency, he therefore, pledged to the public a five-day viewing of legislation before the signing of such into law, this is the man who promised no more lobbyist in governmental positions, he stated that the stimulus would contain 40% tax cuts instead we got 25%, he said that governing would be bi-partisan and counter-party cooperative, of course, there was none of that in his legislative action. Obama’s pledges and promises are now understood to be the standard meaningless run-of-the-mill Chicago politician rhetoric. The only thing promising and true with Obama is his partiality for throwing fresh meat to his liberal-socialist brethren; sending the Republicans to the purgatory of recently deleted so he can watch them try to dodge and dance away from the click of permanent deletion.

Understanding that no one that I know of can cleanly and clearly define the current cause and effect of this recession including Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, or any other self appointed dilettante or residing expert of the current administration, most recent administration, media pundits, or the PhD’s staffed within academia; I cannot comprehend the reasoning of borrowing a Trillion Dollars of taxpayer’s monies as the answer to a question that has not been defined. From my layperson prospective it is probable that: The cost of the stimulus and its effect is (will be) more costly than the recession even if the recession evolves into a depression.

This just enacted economic stimulus combined with the TARP funding is the largest, biggest, greatest, money grab from taxpayers ever implemented. The resulting consequences of this extraordinary liberal hustle will emit a maelstrom-effectual of everlasting expense and unintentional result. And imagine, Obama has not completed a month of his presidency-there is so much more to come…

The Obama Consequence


I fear the very worst is ahead for us conservatives…
Authored by William Robert Barber

Loudly declared, elections have consequences; this Stimulus Bill is a perfect example.  Of course there are and will be more of these consequences as the electorate views President Obama’s legislative initiatives and persuasion.  But, irrespective of future legislative developments, this Stimulus Bill is an excellent example of liberally inspired partisan over reach; with billions heaped upon billions at risk, contrary to sensibility, the Democratic leaders shout out, “damn the obviously negative, full speed ahead” is the guiding emphasis of these, “now is our time” liberal Democrats.  Country’s interest and sensibility be damned, it matters not that no member has read the legislation or that the law is laden with discrepancies as to its original intent; what matters is that liberal special interest benefits and Obama receives this Bill ASAP.  This Stimulus Bill is the true measure of Congressional competence, as well as, a perfect indication of future Democratic governance.

When politicians, regardless of party, speak of bi-partisan cooperation on legislation, I do find such communicative interface a bit amusing.  They speak as if they are NOT an inherent part of the political food chain; it is as if tigers got together with lions in the interest of high-mindedness and decided, for purposes of harmonious regard to designate certain sectors of geography for hunting by tigers with other areas designated as hunting for lions and that tigers could, by ethical obligation and willful charity share part of their catch with the lions if the lions had a bad hunting day. 

To suggest that the party in power is going to share power or give legislative credit to the opposing party is ludicrous. Elections have consequences; the consequence of Liberals controlling all branches of governing is a dramatic shift to the political left.

In addition to Democratic legislative overreach, measuring the matter of Obama’s deceitfulness is quite sobering to behold; he promises, when seeking the office, transparency, no lobbyist in his administration, a five-day opportunity to review legislation prior to enactment, and when in office does the complete opposite.

I fear the very worst is ahead for us conservatives…

I do believe the a priori causation of this horrific electoral consequence is the arrogant stupidity of the Republicans who managed the government for eight years; the former president, his administration, the leadership of the house and senate abandoned their political principals and created this Liberal agenda to take form and execution.