Peace Is Beyond the Capability of Human Behavior.

3 02 2009


Powerful or Less than the Most Powerful.

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

I do not believe that peace defined as the absence of war or state sponsored aggression is a viable reality; indeed, peace as history recalls has only been an interlude a suspension of hostilities, a time set aside so one side or both can devote and focus on readying themselves for the next violent conflict. Of course, every ultra-to-liberal politician, most professional practitioners of Judeo-Christian theology, just about all actors, artisans, and many, many others of varied principles and professions will adamantly disagree with my dire conclusion.

Nevertheless, I am adamant in the veracity of my conclusion; peace, on this earth with these humans is not feasible. Peace is beyond the capacity of human behavior. Since the first city-state, established thousands of years ago, there has never been a lasting period of peace; but I assume, this factual is not sufficient evidence (to those who believe in peace as a policy goal) of its non-existence. Peace, like the Wizard-of-Oz, is a hoax. This hoax is perpetrated by the International Society of the Wish-it-Was in unison with a membership of those whose preference is to transact life and living in the surreality of their own making rather than the reality of the bona fide. Peace in our times…now where did we hear that boast? And what was the result?

Truth be told; the arbitrator of peacefulness is power; all sorts and manner of power. The primary facility of power as expressed by a nation state is the martial wherewithal to suppress or eliminate by means universal, as well as, specific the aggressive inclinations of one’s contenders for one’s wealth and resources. In the real world one’s enemy can in time be one’s starches ally and vice-versa; peoples of the world as exemplified by their nation state are often capricious in their dispose of the most profound. Therefore, trusting in the rational, sensible and reasonable often has little to do with the behavioral present or its immediate aftermath. Diplomacy and discussion are only fruitful when such persuasion is coupled with the power to suppress another’s physical aggressiveness. For example, Israel exists today because, by means extraordinary, it is the most powerful nation in the region; otherwise, there would be no Israel.

Those who profess that the policy of peace for its own sake is a policy of moral sensibility are the greatest of hypocrites. Look about and upon all those who include peace as a policy goal; they all have inherently deceitful flaws, they say what is acceptable and do what is necessary. Their actions are stupendous contradictions of their words; even those who fanatically profess to believe in peace maintain their armies, police, and secret intelligence agencies.

Now, in the present age of nuclear, biological, and gas warfare, the problem of believing in what does not exists feeds a belief that is illusionary in scope with devastating result; belief in the illusionary, the non-existing and impossible prompts stupid inclinations; and such, negating reality could cost millions of lives.

Why is it that we humans, although suffering horrific cost, must learn and then relearn the same lessons over and over again?

Russia and China are contenders for trade, prestige, and power; they know that power is factually tangible only when one is the most powerful. Less than the most powerful is a temporary position assumed by this nation’s contenders as they vie for positioning as the most powerful. Contest is the natural order of all living things — humankind not making an exception.

There is no moral code of honor amongst nation states; power is the only arbitrator of final result. This nation’s people can either be the most powerful or less than the most powerful. Which of these choices would you rather gift upon your children?



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