The Obama Consequence


I fear the very worst is ahead for us conservatives…
Authored by William Robert Barber

Loudly declared, elections have consequences; this Stimulus Bill is a perfect example.  Of course there are and will be more of these consequences as the electorate views President Obama’s legislative initiatives and persuasion.  But, irrespective of future legislative developments, this Stimulus Bill is an excellent example of liberally inspired partisan over reach; with billions heaped upon billions at risk, contrary to sensibility, the Democratic leaders shout out, “damn the obviously negative, full speed ahead” is the guiding emphasis of these, “now is our time” liberal Democrats.  Country’s interest and sensibility be damned, it matters not that no member has read the legislation or that the law is laden with discrepancies as to its original intent; what matters is that liberal special interest benefits and Obama receives this Bill ASAP.  This Stimulus Bill is the true measure of Congressional competence, as well as, a perfect indication of future Democratic governance.

When politicians, regardless of party, speak of bi-partisan cooperation on legislation, I do find such communicative interface a bit amusing.  They speak as if they are NOT an inherent part of the political food chain; it is as if tigers got together with lions in the interest of high-mindedness and decided, for purposes of harmonious regard to designate certain sectors of geography for hunting by tigers with other areas designated as hunting for lions and that tigers could, by ethical obligation and willful charity share part of their catch with the lions if the lions had a bad hunting day. 

To suggest that the party in power is going to share power or give legislative credit to the opposing party is ludicrous. Elections have consequences; the consequence of Liberals controlling all branches of governing is a dramatic shift to the political left.

In addition to Democratic legislative overreach, measuring the matter of Obama’s deceitfulness is quite sobering to behold; he promises, when seeking the office, transparency, no lobbyist in his administration, a five-day opportunity to review legislation prior to enactment, and when in office does the complete opposite.

I fear the very worst is ahead for us conservatives…

I do believe the a priori causation of this horrific electoral consequence is the arrogant stupidity of the Republicans who managed the government for eight years; the former president, his administration, the leadership of the house and senate abandoned their political principals and created this Liberal agenda to take form and execution.

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