Meaningless Pledges as the Cost of the Stimulus Rises

Bill Barber
Our Future and the Extraordinary Liberal Hustle
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

He lied; he cheated, he said that he loved me, paraphrasing some country western lyrics that embody the meaning of the Obama message of change and hope. We conservatives now understand that the Obama message is for all that agree with his political ideals and policy; the rest can fend without his consideration. This is the very same candidate who chastised the Bush administration for creating a monstrous run away deficit, for omitting in favor of secrecy any form of governmental transparency, he therefore, pledged to the public a five-day viewing of legislation before the signing of such into law, this is the man who promised no more lobbyist in governmental positions, he stated that the stimulus would contain 40% tax cuts instead we got 25%, he said that governing would be bi-partisan and counter-party cooperative, of course, there was none of that in his legislative action. Obama’s pledges and promises are now understood to be the standard meaningless run-of-the-mill Chicago politician rhetoric. The only thing promising and true with Obama is his partiality for throwing fresh meat to his liberal-socialist brethren; sending the Republicans to the purgatory of recently deleted so he can watch them try to dodge and dance away from the click of permanent deletion.

Understanding that no one that I know of can cleanly and clearly define the current cause and effect of this recession including Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, or any other self appointed dilettante or residing expert of the current administration, most recent administration, media pundits, or the PhD’s staffed within academia; I cannot comprehend the reasoning of borrowing a Trillion Dollars of taxpayer’s monies as the answer to a question that has not been defined. From my layperson prospective it is probable that: The cost of the stimulus and its effect is (will be) more costly than the recession even if the recession evolves into a depression.

This just enacted economic stimulus combined with the TARP funding is the largest, biggest, greatest, money grab from taxpayers ever implemented. The resulting consequences of this extraordinary liberal hustle will emit a maelstrom-effectual of everlasting expense and unintentional result. And imagine, Obama has not completed a month of his presidency-there is so much more to come…

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