The Liberal Power Grab

Bill Barber

Blind Faith
Authored by William Robert Barber

One of the contrasting differences between America, the motherlands of Europe, and all of the other places of original genesis was America’s political process; at one time, as reflected in its leadership, we were a people of pragmatic aptitude.  Well, that’s now known as the period that was. Today’s America is one where left-liberal political ideology, inspired by the Obama administration, and prompted by a Pelosi willing congress, a core of charter-member liberal fanatics and the fan club known as the national media, have adopted a policy of: A Zen enlighten-feel as one goes approach to the major domestic issues of the day. A sort of blind faith adaptation of the faithful as illustrated in their endorsement of a stimulus bill that no one read.

Imagine the largest of the greatest amount of cash ever disbursed over the widest of sectors, which include pursuits of personal inclinations, cash-give-a-ways of obvious outright nonsense and the faithful (Democrats) felt no need to either read the pending law or discuss its merits.

Evangelists are demonist by the liberals of academia and media for their dogmatism. Their blind faith believe in the bible-for taking the authors of the bible at their word without discourse or requiring the application of deductive analysis to the contextual of their traditions and scriptures. Now the very same who cite such deviations from the rational, for not utilizing the sensibility of logic and reasonableness when searching for a prudent solution to issues of material concern have no conflict, intellectual discomfort or note of blatant contrariness in voting into law a stimulus bill that they have not read.

The beat of the Democratic drum is a resounding melodious pentameter inclusive of five units of rhetorically decorated words of metaphoric rhythm, five pairs of stress that leverages the inherence of the economic catastrophe, kind-of-it’s-not my fault declaration and unstressed syllables all designed to paint a picture, reflect a feeling, or create a symbol anything other than define the problem much less the solution.  

In the meantime America is folding its tent of existentialism. The surrender to the liberals representing the Obama administration will be historic; not since the aftermath of the civil war will federal dominance be so leveraged. The federal government’s disbursement of cash will statutorily reset federal power and control over state’s rights; power of every descriptive will overwhelmingly bend in favor of the federal government. All of this action is taken and accepted because of the supposed economic circumstance of this nation state; everyone has bought into the notion of the pending financial-economic collapse of this greatest of nations. Therefore the administration is calling for unprecedented action to address this current and forthcoming disaster of non specific doom; the usurpers of sensibility (the Obama faithful) declare with a moral indignation of almost divinely inspired righteousness, that unless everyone bows to our will, drinks the prepared kool aide and accepts the Obama dictated pronouncements of the way and the light-he the anointed one cannot possibly save the nation.

I (evidently one of the infinitesimal in numbers anti-Obama believers) will not surrender to this liberal grab of cash and power that is being implemented under the guise of emergency; I do not believe there is such an emergency and if there is such an emergency as the liberals define I do not believe their policies will enable a solution. I do admit I am stupefied at the willingness of the American people to lie down and permit this liberal power grab. Fear often prompts apathy and compliance; maybe the American people are simply fearful of what they do not understand?