Obama and His Leftist-Liberal Agenda Will Fail

20 02 2009

Bill Barber

Socialistically inclined governments intrude in every aspect of the individual citizen’s life.
Authored By William Robert Barber

This entire Obama leftist-liberal agenda is driving me nuts. The administration’s theoretic supposition that government is the only instrument of facility to enable today’s economy is at the very least, disconcerting. The leftist declare that it was private enterprise and their inherently unethical amoral behavior that created the financial debacle of present experience; it was the Republican prerogative for deregulation that catalyst an era of unbridled greed; in the final analysis, it was the greed of the privileged few who advantaged the unprivileged to the detriment of the working people. Now the battle cry from one political spectrum to another is to nationalize banks.

The scurrilous pronouncements of liberal-leftist as to the amoral-immoral nature of corporate America, is more a reflection of liberal hubris coupled with arrogant disregard then a sober analysis of what went and is wrong with today’s economy.  Indeed government is an influential participant of the economy; either by regulation, discretion, specific events or the collateral push and pull of the unforeseen government is a persistence cause and effect of economic results.  Withstanding the liberal-leftist denouncement of corporations and their behavior when compared to the transgressions of congresspersons over the history of this nation the corporations are as if heavenly inspired angels.  

The philosophical differing between liberal-leftist and conservatives could not be more contrasting then the current prospective resolutions offered by these two ideological opposites of political tendency, character and opinion. The liberal-leftist have no faith in the individual’s right of discretion and the conservatives, withstanding, their own befuddlement in the mist of today’s issues and problems believe in the individual’s right of discretion. There is the unmistakable, irrevocable, non-reconcilable ideological divide.

History has provided sufficient evidence (at least for me) that centralized or socialistically inclined governments intrinsically intrude in every aspect of the individual citizen’s life. That these types of governments by the very nature of their governing siphon the dynamics out of their economy and abate individual initiative; the people become proactively engaged in the mysticism of entitlement. Governments of socialistic form maintain and retain power by providing to the electorate an upgrade from Cesar’s bread, beer, and circus to the birth to death guarantees of life’s essentials. The perfect example is France. In France, as with the liberal-leftist faithful, more is never enough. Of course there is California, New York City, Massachusetts, Michigan; I better stop now.

By exploiting the divergence between perception and reality; excepting the rule of extraneous developments, acting with imperfect understanding, and forewarning of deficiencies, shortcomings, and failures Obama has brewed an elixir to neutralize the normality of deductive thought; he is the oracle of style who has triumphed over the hurtle of substance and objectivity. He and the policies of the liberal-left will fail; they will fail despite all efforts to the contrary. These socialist policies will fail because they do not work.



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