Economic Downturn is a Natural Phenomenon

26 02 2009
Bill Barber
Authored by:
William Robert Barber

This economic crisis maybe the greatest sleight-of-hand ever perpetrated; never has so few, who know so little, marshaled so much, in so short a period of time, in pursuit of repairing the effects of what has been so weakly defined. Prompted by fearful dispose, prudence has been abandon for an urgency of unprecedented legislative action so to abate the effects of an economic monstrosity of such proportion that no one can declaratively, with succinct specificity, define this greatest, this all-consuming, this current-pending horrid of horrific economic calamity.

Obama’s administration has cried out wolf and everyone is so concerned for the sheep no one notices that the shepherd’s sheep are being sheared; withstanding that no one  has even seen the wolf.  No one can testify as to its size, if it is one wolf or a pack of wolves; Obama and his experts, are the only ones who have actually understood the full thrust of the danger. Hence, sensibility has been put aside in favor of the ideological assertions of Obama and his faithful.

This is the evidence of our recession: For the last two quarters GDP has gone negative instead of positive; unemployment is or maybe by next reporting cycle as high as 8% and there are those who prophesize as high as 10% unemployment in six to nine months. The auto industry is all but for the lack of acknowledgement bankrupt. The real estate market is great for buyers and terrible for sellers. Because state coffers are filled by taxing consumption, income, and property; state governments have run out of cash to pay for services and obligations.

If there is 10% unemployment that means 90% of the people are employed. Not too shabby, all things considered. The auto industry needs to stop its stupid business nonsense and their unions need to settle on less than everything including $70.00 per hour. All markets have times when it is much better to be a buyer than a seller and conversely; that is the nature of all markets. Governments must stop services it cannot pay for-yes, that includes, medical, fire, police, and entitlements of every descriptive. Yes, people will suffer that is why there is charity, family, and one reason for established religions.

I do not know of a free and open economy that has not turned downward; by means, chartable or not, this current economic downturn is a natural phenomenon. The differing is that as never before America is engaged in a global environment; wherein, trade is no longer dependant on domestic to foreign markets. No longer does each nation retain its own domestic manufacturing. Quite the opposite, American companies are French companies in France; German in Germany, English in England and in turn for foreign companies operating as American companies in America.

Indeed, a descriptive of a free market is one that suffers the effects of downturns, recessions, and yes even prolonged economic negative growth; conversely, another descriptive of a free market is one that benefits from a rising standard of living, a booming economic upside, and consumer products that are as varied as they are inexpensive.

There are those who continue to seek what they label, ‘a fair and honest’ methodology of spreading the wealth to those who have less; interestingly, the venue of common cause to their methodology has never varied. The battle cry is a resounding, “take from those who have;” seems simple enough, America is no exception. Generally, 1% to 5% of its citizens pay in excess of 40% of the nation’s taxes; 50% of its citizen’s pay nominal to nothing in federal income taxes. Of course, all working peoples pay taxes; everyone makes a contribution but the few pay far more for the many.

Here is a question: What is size of the black money market in America? How many working people in the service industry pocket taxable income? God bless them because it is this type of income, this discretionary income that greases the wheels of many a small business. And with anonymity forgives the many unintentional consequences of tax related legislation.

Obama has successfully followed in the footsteps of his predecessor and created panic and disorder in the global markets; unlike his predecessor Obama has harvested more money from the nation’s future than any person since the Phoenicians invented letters; with careless regard, reckless exaggeration and contempt for the reasonableness of acceptable congruity his Democratic brethren have leaped off the cliff of prudence into a faithfulness of liberal-belief. A belief that the government knows what is best for its citizens. That taking from those who have so to give to those that have less is a sustainable economic model. That justice for the poor, the oppressed, the disadvantaged, and maligned will find satisfaction in union representation; that because of a large federal-state-city-county government a sizeable portion of the world’s ills will simply abate; that with more money allotted for education coupled with the surety of a national health program, diplomatic dialogue, tolerance and a thoughtful understanding of the opponent’s position, America will finally achieve the greatness of universal friendliness. Is this not more of the same tax and spent liberal-Democratic logic?




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