A Comment from: Ann Crouse

27 02 2009
Bill Barber
Are we in trouble or what?
Authored by Ann H. Crouse

What can I say…..more, more and more government control in our lives.

STIMULAS PACKAGE & ECONOMY – The stimulus package and the proposed budget is the largest give away in American history…and you and I are going to pay the price.  Through increased taxes, the wealthiest of the Americans are going to fund the entire proposed budget. 

I found it very interesting that Obama pointed out a bank CEO who gave his bonus back to his employees and retirees from his bank.  But at the same time, the CEO is no doubt one that will be paying a higher percentage of taxes and most likely will not be so inclined to share his wealth as readily in the future.

 If Obama is going to insure that banks have enough money to lend, via Geithner’s stress test, and if there is an indication that a bank is in trouble he will make sure that they can continue to operate, that sounds like a confusing scenario of government’s inclination to control, influence, or persuade the day-to-day underwriting criteria of the banks’ operations. Did we not get into this mess because congress forced banks to lend?   

ENERGY – Being in the oil and gas industry, I was very disillusioned over his energy plan.  I am afraid that my industry is in for some rough times.  Regulations are already very stiff…I am sure that that will get even more unbearable along with the market cap on combustible energy.  It appears that the present administration is going for clean and green energy, without a thought as to how many American citizens are employed by the oil and gas industry not to mention coal and coal bed methane gas. Contrary to the Obama forecast I think his proposed budget coupled with the stimulus will increase unemployment in my sector.  Maybe I could get a job running a windmill somewhere…………

HEALTH CARE – Government controlled healthcare – isn’t that Socialism?

EDUCATION – Every child will have access to higher education.  That is a commendable plan, however, where will the funding come from?  Government of course! Our tax dollars; I am in favor of strengthening the education in America, as our children are our future.  However, what makes one truly value their education is when you save and scrimp to make the payments – not when then government subsidizes the bill for you. And without a doubt I truly do not want to fund the teacher’s union where I think the majority of tax monies will finally settle.

I made the decision today to pull my investments out of the stock market.  I thought long and hard about the decision, as I do not want to add to the plight of our country’s failing economy.  But I cannot, in good conscious, play the game any longer.  Since I am by nature a positive, hopeful, glass half-full type of person-I hate to be negative, but I feel that we are in for some pretty difficult times.




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