We Should Have Patience for Obama’s Remedy – NO We Should Not!

4 03 2009
Bill Barber
The Advancement of the Liberal Agenda
Authored by:

William Robert Barber

As to my objections to Obama’s most recent actions, I have had some comments on this blog that recommend patience instead of my seeming constancy of hostile objections, counter-arguments, and dismay over the president’s policy decisions. I look at the current economic situation with the same sense of urgency as Obama; after all he has declared, symbolically, from the highest mountain the desperate nature of the economy. He has described the economy as devastating, predicting manifestations of doom and gloom; he implied that the financial sky could, unless the congress acts immediately, fall down. He has overtly pressed the ‘need to do it now’; indeed, the president said his stimulus initiative (which of course has passed and is the law of the land) is critical to the very essence of this nation’s financial platform; hence, and therefore, congress must pass this stimulus package as is and at this very moment. Presently, the Obama budget has replaced the stimulus package as the desperate need to affirm. Interestingly, the administration’s director of budget predicts a huge growth in revenue for the American economy by next year; naturally, the deficit is four fold the current; but, in this case Obama the negative is now very much the Obama the positive.

Well, I disagree with his remedy in the mainstay for one prudent and logically tangible reason: Because he cannot diagnose the particular economic-financial problem with sufficient specificity much less definitively define the remedy. Additionally, there is tangible evidence, withstanding the agreement on a general need for a stimulus, that the federal government is borrowing monies (by printing the cash) and spending these borrowed funds on projects that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy; but, have everything to do with advancing a liberal agenda with taxpayer funds.

Imagine, he and his brethren accurately state that jobs are being lost as an indicator and prompter for government intervention and then spend billions of taxpayer monies on projects that have nothing to do with creating or maintaining jobs. I should have patience for this sort of remedy? No, I should not.

Retrocession is the recommended antidote for the Obama intervention; regretfully, the Republican Party is the closest political instrument of utility that has the wherewithal to stymie the implementing of this socialistic incursion by the Obama Democrats into the American government. We citizens must act in a form and manner that registers our displeasure with Obama and his policies. I suggest emails to our elected representatives, all such addresses are on the Internet, please, access and utilize.




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