Evil Limbaugh Exposed, Time Well Spent Mr. Emanuel

6 03 2009
Bill Barber
The Obama Disciples
Authored by William Robert Barber

Finally the liberals have the smoking gun in hand; the evidence is overwhelming; Russ Limbaugh is the real leader of the Republican Party. The heretofore covert dirty rat has been exposed. For over twenty years, Russ Limbaugh has been behind scenes running the show, maneuvering and manipulating the GOP as if a puppet on a string.

Thank God for Rahm Emanuel. Is it possible, in this political environment, that this nation has produced such a nonpartisan, such a citizen, whose only interest is advancing the interest of his countrymen? Here, with the actions of Mr. Emanuel, is the perfect example of a statesman rising above the fray of political silliness, a man motivated only in the interest of the public good, speaking out so to enable a more perfect union, this citizen’s behavior should abate if not eliminate any dark-hearted skeptic of our political system.  Obviously, Mr. Emanuel prioritized his multiple of obligatory tasks and decided to expend the energy and time, in this period of national crises, to point out that Limbaugh is the real leader of the Republican Party. Where would we common folk be today if it was not for the Emanuel Sunday morning talk show discloser? Because of Rahm Emanuel, Tim Kaine of Virginia and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Russ, has nowhere to hide.  

We Americans now know that it was Limbaugh and his covert methodology of governing the GOP that prompted eight years of excessive spending and corruption.  It was he; that no good Eastern European gangster-looking bastard, who was responsible for the loss of Republican representatives in the house and senate. It was Limbaugh, who forced the reluctant Bush-Cheney administration into giving away billions via TARP to banks and those other dastardly entities. It was that radio personality who prompted the former president to give the three Detroit auto manufactures’ billions.

The American people are indebted to Rahm, Tim, and untold numbers of other liberal-Democrats for their unflinching dedication to placing the nation’s needs above politics and party interest.

Mr. Emanuel’s insightfulness, his undaunted courage, and moral conviction, is something all of us lay people should set aside time for so to reflect and meditate; imagine, while all of us were in pursuit of our daily bread Rahm was looking out for us. It is because of his investigative skill and subsequent reporting on the real Limbaugh story America is safer now than before. His dedication to justice, honor, and the American way, reinforces my satisfaction that these good-guys are looking out for the middle-class, the poor and the down trodden.  Thank goodness these liberal-socialist-Democrats won the election; I can sleep so much better now in the knowing that it is persons of this caliber; gentile people of virtue and righteousness, like Rahm and his leader, President Obama, they have come forward to lead this nation in these troubled times. Without these Obama faithful we common and unwashed would still be wondering in the wilderness of despair and outrageous wrongfulness. And naturally, it follows that the truth about Limbaugh would still be a dirty secret. Be joyful…all praise Rahm.



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