Marxist Socialism a Consequence of Government Largeness

6 03 2009
Bill Barber
Spend, Spend, Spend a Financially Devasting Plan
Authored By William Robert Barber

I comprehend the Obama agenda of implanting by whatever means socialism into the mix of America’s institutions; but, for the life of me I do not understand how hundreds of democrats, all educated in the finest of schools, could sit on their hands and pledge unflinching simpatico and fidelity to an omnipotent government that once established and entrenched even further intrinsically requires more control over all that fall under its dominion. Can these representatives of the people’s covenants not realize that the consequence of government largeness will lead forthwith into a Marxist-socialistic form and that such a form of governing will, eventually, infringe on the sovereign rights of its citizens?

The ingress of government control over all material transactions has been steadfast and constant; there have been periods of Franklin Delano Roosevelt type of government incursions wherein control and power by the institutions of the federal government was exponentially enhanced. Ronald Regan’s policy attempted to limit the power of government; Bill Clinton declared that the era of big government was over; withstanding, all such actions, the constant has been an ever growing government, an ever controlling government; by measures elephantine or infinitesimal government has eclipsed its original intention and via its largeness has blocked all efforts to the contrary. This Obama government is the ally of a large and evermore powerful government; if successful, Obama will thrust with pointed blade, he will deliver the coup de grace; limited governing premised upon a capitalistic economic system will be lost; a subject of historical record as the system of yesteryear. If the Obama democrats are successful, before our eyes, in plain view we will behold the greatest seizure of power ever attempted since the firing on Fort Sumter by Confederate forces.  

Heretofore, I have discussed the cause and effect of a political nature; but, there are other, possibly more damagingly consequential to the average American.

This nation is about to suffer the devastating effects of a financial implosion that will measure the current crises as moderate. The forthcoming is an ominous virus that has established itself into the vital organs of America’s operating systems.

State, local, private, and union pension funds are under ever increasing pressure to preserve not their earnings but their principle. These pension plans cover millions of American workers many of which with “defined benefit” attachments. The stock market crash has cut the value of these pension plans from 25 to 50 percent of its once appreciating value; for reasons foolish or downright imprudent, the manager’s of these funds have speculated the principle in certain ‘hopeful’ investment belief systems. There is roughly Two Trillion Dollars under pension plan management; The Pension Plan Act requires companies to keep these accounts fully funded, presently, for GM, as only one example, it means putting good money after bad, one fine day a corporation will need to decide whether to fund payroll or their pension plan. All of these rules and regulations were put in place, with the very best of intentions, by congress, the very same congress that regardless of which of the political parties that are in control consistently practice stupid. This is the very same government who created Fannie and Freddie, Medicare, enlarged Social Security beyond its original intent until revenue paid in does not exceed revenue paid out; I could of course go on and on.

Now if the case of pension plan viability did not have enough to concern itself with; many, with the very best of intentions, motivated by doing the right thing, a liberal prompt for funding in ‘socially responsible investing’ or perhaps encouraged by the insanity of greed; millions of pensioners are in for a rude and financially devastating awaking.

Now if one couples this forthcoming inevitable with the entitlement cost to the taxpayer I would say that the Obama answer to the current financial crises which is to spend, spend, and then spend some more, all the while creating a policy that discourages market growth by increasing the tax on the wealthy and profitable corporations is driving the day of financial reckoning to a finality of ultimate demise.

The answer to our financial crises is to decrease taxes and fees across the board, cut the cost of governing, eliminate the gorging on entitlements, attend to the obvious needs and fixes on Social Security and certainly do not give 900 million of our money to the PLO.




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