The Next Election Will Be The Test

12 03 2009
Bill Barber
Will Good Sense Triumph Over the Destructive Force of Socialism
Authored by William Robert Barber

The socialist have won the election…end of story; well, not quite. The Obama faithful must follow-up their last electoral victory with the next, which is not that far away. Now if the Democrats do not loose seats in the house or the senate then I do believe Obama’s political, economic, social, tax, educational, and entitlement scheme has electoral acceptance and socialism is an inevitable American reality. In addition, if the Democrats are as successful in the next as they were in the past two election cycles, the Republican Party of today, the party of conservative influence on the political process of governess, will cower away and emerge as the centrist wing of the socialist-leftist Democratic Party.

Between Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel and the other usual suspects of leftist persuasion, coupled with the rhetorical eloquence of Obama, the artful dodger maneuvering of Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and Charlie Rangel the Democratic Party will stampede their agenda thru any Republican resistance. The so called ‘Blue Dog’ sector of the Democratic Party has turned yellow; amazingly, but so politically fitting, not all of the Republicans are enjoined in a united defensive front, so until there is a swing in congressional majority the liberal-socialist have the power and they will abuse it.

As a conservative, admittedly, I am predetermined to a certain methodology of deduction; consequently, when my government enacts legislation or even contemplates actions that seem ill logical or darn right stupid; befuddlement enjoins with confusion resulting in consternation and disbelief. When Bush decided to “invest” via a “loan” to the auto industry I questioned the business sensibility of the action. The Bush administration explained that the taxpayer’s money was transferred so that the unemployment percentage would not be adversely affected…What! Well, the republican president explained, Obama is just coming into office and after all…What!

No investor of merit would risk capital in a failing enterprise; no prudent lender would extend a credit line to any borrower without sufficient collateral, as well as, the proof-of-means to repay the debt. No investor or lender that is except the federal government.

Presently, Obama’s faithful have returned to the liberal-democratic credo of tax and spend; resurrecting a socialistic cause and effect mentality that, obviously, only the faithful can fully comprehend. The casus belli of the liberal-socialist in their quest for dominance is now health-care. Utilizing a complicit media they loudly declare to all who listen or read: If only the health care issue could be resolved the average Joe-household and all of the current economic stress would abate into manageable form. Surely, solving the health-care crises is the untying of the Gordian knot; the remedy for what ails American’s financial woes, if only those republicans would see the light and the way.

The next election is the test. Will America lose its way for the foreseeable future or will good sense triumph over the destructive force of socialism? Obama has raised his flag, its colors are now clearly distinguishable, he and his faithful have chosen their path of governess; we conservatives must defeat them and regain the majority.




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