Our Government’s Contagious Virus

23 03 2009
Bill Barber
A step beyond Kool-Aid
Authored by William Robert Barber

For the last four months, leaders of the federal government have been infected by a deadly contagious virus; this strain of virus infects the analysis sector of an elected representative’s brain.  The most noted symptom of this malaise is a dysfunction of the mind wherein, the infected person acts as if dumbfounded. Apparently, the process of effectual thinking is what this virus affects.  The virus eats these particular brain cells until the heretofore sensible, logical, and prudent elected representative, once infected, is now rendered foolish, illogical, reckless, and irrational.

The most recent actions of our elected representatives have all the initial characteristics of the virus.  Fits of confusion, befuddlement, and panic are notable signs.   How could the Bush administration, lead by treasury secretary Paulson and a more than willing Democratic-Republican congress, put billions of taxpayer monies at risk without sufficient due diligence?  And yet they did exactly that, surprisingly without too much resistance from the people, press, or leaders of the House or Senate.  Clearly, the virus is widespread.

Obama has followed the Bush tradition with a stimulus bill full of giveaways; the bill has passed in record time without anyone reading the contents, much less discussing or debating its merits.  Now this kind of conduct is an explicit symptom of the virus.

During the last election the democrats loved the concept of an economic calamity; the story fit perfectly into their electoral campaign’s agenda.  The republican candidate was lost in never-never land, therein he never missed an opportunity to misdiagnose the realities of the economic indicators nor the electorate’s concerns.

I am beginning to believe that this virus is fatal.  The Obama faithful insist on following the economic ideology of spending more of the people’s money on health-care, education, public works, and the new energy alternative.  Keep in mind that so far no specifics, only a panoramic descriptive of how wonderful the world will be once this new economy is in place, have been provided.

In time, I assume the virus will have eaten all the brain cells, causing our elected representatives to be diagnosed brain-dead.  Well, at least by the time this happens the behavior will be even more obvious:  The representatives will pass critical legislation without even reading the contents, all the while in lock-step, cheering on their Obama.  If this should happen, well, then the virus has completed its function and nothing can be done for the people that the infected represented.




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