The Obama Elixir

26 03 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

          The Obama doubt as to the tilt of his political leadership once elected has been removed; he taxes and spends. At best he is a devotee of the socialist doctrine; at worst he successfully boondoggles the American people into believing that he is anything other than the socialist his behavior evidences.

            This president believes that every citizen having more should automatically, as a matter of moral-behavioral obligation, share the more with those who have the less. Obama’s belief is that government defines what is in the interest of the collective good. His proselytism of what is righteous for America is in fact, once disrobed, a political theory in which the means of production and distribution is controlled ostensibly by the people (another way of saying the government) and operated according to the governing authorities definitive of equitable and fair. Of course inclusive to this philosophy, there is the Obama induced governing obligation that encourages government intervention as the cure for economic downturns versus the capitalist methodology of permitting market principles to decipher the differing of the economic and financial good, the bad, and the ugly.

            Obama’s credo of social, economic, political, and cultural righteousness of imposed sharing (known as wealth distribution) is arrogantly delivered as if it was the accepted mutual goal of the majority of the American people. He insists that such an endeavor (the Obama concept of life governing) can only be achieved by government intervention in all aspects of American life; be it community facilities or local school boards. He wants the national government controlling the generalities and specifics of education, health care, energy production, public works, and most importantly he wants to dramatically increase the power of the federal over the states. Within the Obama doctrine, as with all dictatorial governing, it is the federal government that decides and implements what is in the collective good.

            The financing of this ‘Obama concept of governess’ is paid for by taxing the people. Today the people do not possess the money to be taxed; so the Obama government prints the money for today’s use relying on future Americans, many of whom have yet to be born, to pay back the interest and principal in order to fund the ‘Obama concept of governess’.

            The struggle of government imposing its will upon the governed via the utility of taxation is as ancient as the first city states and as repetitive in result as the sun’s rising. The more the government taxes the taxable the larger in size and power is the government. Higher taxes as a percentage of income results in less money for an individual’s discretionary cash; the less discretionary income (created by the default of paying more taxes) the less options on individual choices; less choices, less freedom.

            A maxim of history records that the loss of individual freedom is in direct proportion to the largeness and power of government; whether a Republican or Democratic government, the result of taxation has always been the same.  The true and natural power of government is derived from taxation; the other side of the taxation coin is disbursement. It is the preferential (and all disbursement are intrinsically favored) disbursement of those tax dollars that renders to the giver (the federal government) real tangible control over the recipient.

            The power to tax is the omnipotent authority of governing; without the coercion of taxation government could not enforce its will or policies upon the people. Congress has the power of the purse and counter to its sound bites to the contrary has never cut the cost of governing; therefore, those elected will never lessen the tax burden on the American people.

            By tax, assessments, fees, the selling of rights coveted by government, or spending deficits Congress will always take the money from those who have it; they will take the cash in the present or in the future — Congress will grab the money. If Congress in itself was not enough to worry about, we now have Obama and his faithful. If the elected conservatives in government cannot stop the Obama tax-and-spend machine the sky will fall, destroying the American enterprise system and the Phoenix rising will be Obama Socialism.








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