Some Topics of Interest

Authored by William Robert Barber

Term Limits: One’s political influence hence one’s pecking order within the party, be it Republican or Democratic, is measured by one’s ability to raise cash; in other words, for the elected or the wannabe elected cash is the only true determinant of one’s influence. The election metric is a compilation of the total monies contributed to the candidate’s campaign, which will determine the number of votes cast in the candidate’s favor. The elected must regularly compete; winning the election is more often than not, directly proportional to the amount of funds held and spent; therefore raising cash is the real job description of any and all politicians. This has been the scenario since elections came into being — no getting around this reality.

There is an unequivocal, historically evidenced fact that the length of time in elective office coupled with the inherent power intrinsic to congress’ seniority system is in itself the instrument of corruption. Additionally, the effect of time in service and millions, if not billions of cash, accompanied with the right to tax and disburse, registered in the hands of politicians who have served more than two terms in office, will in the finality, with no exception, result in corruption.

Peace with Israel’s enemies: War is the constant behavior of humankind. The differing between the dictionary’s definitions of peace is in reality or empirically nothing other than a lesser degree of warfare.  Reasoning, rationality, fairness, moral/ethical mores, the rule of law: descriptors of the world as we wish it to be; certainly this is not the world as it truly is. Let’s be clear, Israel’s enemies’ only singular interest is the total and forevermore destruction of Israel’s institutions, property, and people. Additionally, the destruction of Israel is not in the strategic national interest of the United States.

Congressional Oversight: Once again — the never-ending episode — congress is holding hearings so to consider the implementation of more rules and regulations. The premise is that there is never enough watchdogging of those bad guys in private enterprise. I would love to view congress investigating itself — oh, of course, they are above the law, even above the law of sensibility. Simply by listening to the questions posed upon the advisors at these hearings one can determine the ideological leaning of the questioner. For the questioners it all breaks down to playing out their political fidelity and ideological leaning to the cameras, hence the public.

Government is growing in power as well as complexity. Today, the action of governing is so ambiguous and nuanced that transparency is impossible. The efforts of the left hand of government are undone by the right and vice-versa; the federal government is trying — and effectively trying — to suppress the heretofore rights of the states.

California is now in the numbers racket and soon to be in the online drug and gambling business; all of this enterprising being a state monopoly. All of this investing of taxpayer monies is dedicated to the enhancing of government power, and I think proportionally the loss of individual freedom.


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