“I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman.”

19 05 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

Nancy Pelosi has overtly lied to the American people. She said she was not briefed by the CIA as to the “water boarding” of terrorists when indeed she was. The lie is not reconcilable; Pelosi lied and she has nowhere to hide.

But then, the Democrats are in power; therefore, she will “skate”. Pelosi is the perfect example of the electorate’s toleration of outright dishonesty as long as it is derived from a liberal politician.

Power is a corruptive. The natural and singular sway of political power is inevitably directed to the only result possible — corruption. Power is the black hole of politics. The very act of politicking is a presentation by means less than truthful or not so obviously false. A good politician, in our political culture, is one who manages to achieve stated objectives while acting to do so within statutory rules and regulations.

For politicians, ethics as understood and taught within institutions, as well as even the pretense of socially accepted standards of morality, are blasé. The tenets of a politician’s contextual are littered with lying (as long as such lying is not under oath), statements of exaggeration or disinformation (as long as the contrary is not voice or video recorded), scurrilous accusations, negative innuendos, and outright ruthless behavior which fits perfectly within the electorates acceptance of a politician’s prerogative.

Politicians have the aid and assist of their staff of attorneys and well-placed individuals to either cover up their corruptive actions or redirect attention away from such actions. Of course the complicity required for a politician to get away with all of the nonsense is an excellent instance of how power is so corruptive, it infects the politician’s family, friends, staff, and even the media.

Why we citizens accept such unethical, immoral, and unjust behavior is beyond my comprehension. Maybe we have grown accustomed to the cabal of elected officials as the unavoidable status quo, and that striving for a difference is beyond our reach?

The Speaker of the House lied; blatantly and forth rightfully she lied to the American people. Now — what are we going to do about it?




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