Across The Drawbridge And Over The Moat

25 05 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

Within the confines of academia, a laboratory, or in a self-created stage wherein one is the writer, producer, and director, a political ideologue, for purposes of controlled delusion, could – with fashionable flair – create a solution for any problem. However, when the confines are discarded and, one venture beyond the moat and into the hinterland, the effect of controlled delusion gives way to the often non-moral, customarily unforeseeable, usually apathetic reality of dealing with the ever changing constancy of terrain and situation.

Once President Obama (the ever onstage campaigner) passes over the moat he can no longer pretty-speech his way through dealing with the harshness of serious issues and problems. Events and the circumstances of such events force one away from the TelePrompTer and into the real world of contesting, wherein the only outcome is victory or death. Obama faces many problems; of course, he believes they were all brought about by that nasty Bush administration – regardless – someday this president must stand and take responsibility for his own self-creating issues and problems.

The closing of Guantanamo is just one such problem; there are many more. Sometime soon the music will stop and the dancing will end and our president, along with his cadre of helpers, must finally find a chair and make a real-world decision on Guantanamo.

I do find the underlying philosophy of the Obama liberals interestingly delusional; they speak of an America of vintage moral standards – moral standard – that I am totally unfamiliar with. I really do not know where to start but is it not true that we Americans decimated the Indian indigenous to this land before our concept of Manifest Destiny became fact? Did we not purchase the Louisiana territory from France, as well as Alaska from Russia, before congress voted to do so? Did we not take Texas, California, and New Mexico and invaded Mexico under the most egregious of causes? Did this country not illegally lock up and confiscate the assets of Japanese Americans during WWII? Did we not fire-bomb Dresden and drop the atomic bomb on two Japanese cities, overtly killing thousands of innocent civilians? Of course I could go on… but I do wonder where Obama and company finds this moral standard exceptional of America — must be from a comic book.

As to America’s historical behavior — all the world’s historical reference, regardless of country, will document the unspeakable violent actions of humankind’s struggle with their own. In my assessment of America’s history, I conclude that moral standards are a nicety, a nicety that lags behind the one all-important-tangible. A tangible that is an a priori to America’s survival – that irreplaceable tangible being power. America must be and forever maintain a status of the most powerful nation on earth. From such power-moral standards, the Obama interruption of moral authority is allowed to exist.

When Obama and his leftist liberal minions speak of America’s moral authority and that such authority is the strongest of America’s currency – in the world, no less – I do wonder what planet these Obama minions live on. Certainly, it cannot be earth!

The evidence of their reasoning is registered in such declarations as: To paraphrase, enhanced interrogations not only do not work; such undermine the rule of law. They alienate us in the world and serve as a recruiting tool for terrorists and increase the will of our enemies to fight us, while decreasing the will of others to work with us. Does any person charged with the obligation of and to reasonable deduction actually believe that liberal leftist inspired stream of rhetorical nonsense?

I would ask Obama and his minions to render the empirical-plain-fact-evidence of these declarations. Does any one American, charged with the protection of his or her fellow citizens, actually believe that it is better to suffer the loss of thousands of American lives instead of attempting enhanced interrogation to solicit, cajole or (by any means) force a terrorist to spew out where the nuclear, biological, or radiological bomb has been placed? What moral standard does Obama cling to when, because water boarding or any and all means was not tried, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed?

The Obama disciples believe that reason and persuasion will eventually change a terrorist from acting like a terrorist; after all, America will apologize, they will understand the righteousness of our ‘change of conviction’, and stop slitting throats, killing innocents in market squares, planting bombs, and hatching plots against general populations, even if the population is of their own faith or tradition. This change of behavior will become a reality as soon as Pelosi becomes a Republican and hell freezes over.

The Obama society of contrarian silliness cannot (maybe do not want to) even stop the criminal breaches of Acorn, much less the actions of a determined terrorist. Obama has left his classroom and crossed over the moat — and reality is a bitch.




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