The Challenge For America

31 05 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

I have three fundamental guidelines for measuring America’s security:

(1) The recognition that America’s super power strategy is lethal as long as America maintains its worldwide distribution of military forces.

(2) The executive branch of America’s leadership must not allow the concept of unlimited – toothless – diplomacy to supersede its willingness to exercise military might.

(3) America does not unilaterally disarm. My definition of unilateral disarmament is exampled by spending less on defense instead of more; additionally, and just as important, is the budgeting for future weaponry. Such would include missile defense inclusive of acknowledging at the highest level of the federal government the necessary constancy of advancing of armaments in the air, on land, and sea. A strong combat-experienced armed force is the first line of an insuperable defense. From a domestic prospective the American military is the precursor guarantor of our nation’s education, health, and welfare, or any other concerns of domestic importance.

I believe that America with its democratic allies/affiliates is the only democratically inspired force of arms left standing. Only America has the resource to counter the ever present threats of terrorism, as well as subjugating or thwarting the plots and actions of international criminal enterprises. But most importantly, the super-power utility of American leadership represents dire martial consequences to any nation or rogue sponsored enemy that contemplates an overt military act upon any of the democratic republics or their collective interest.

Respective of America’s capacity to deliver dire martial consequences, if the president is unwilling to act convincingly to guarantee and protect America’s interest, American power is negated and mute. I do fear this Obama degreed period of liberal enlightenment that seemingly embodies a passionate policy to error on the side of empathic wistfulness. In my opinion, Obama resides in a world as he wishes it to be rather than the world as it really is. These are dangerous times… The Obama persuasion is not a lethal weapon. The North Koreans, Iranians, Syrians, and the terrorist they blatantly sponsor are not impressed by our president’s rhetorical magic. Instead, they are impressed and prodded, singularly, by the lethal use of power.

As far as I recall, before the first spear was sharpened and eventually fitted with a tipped instrument, man has plotted, planned, and with intense contrivance configured the various methods and means of gaining superiority over rivals. Today the means and methods have changed, but not the strategic reasoning nor the original motivation. Dominance of one nation over another, as historically documented, is fleeting. For one reason or another, throughout time, the most powerful have evolved into the less than the most powerful. From the greatest of Egypt’s pharaohs to the numerous, once all-powerful peoples that settled within the Tigris-Euphrates Valley of Abraham’s time to Victoria’s England, categorically the strongest, most glorious of nations have been destroyed, the fearful belittled to helplessness, and the free enslaved.

America cannot allow itself to fail…America must remain virile and committed to maintaining an international all-powerful role. The martial principle of “all-powerful superiority” as the ultimate of foreign policy strategies are in fact the only reliable option.



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