So Far The Liberals Have Won

Authored by William Robert Barber

The conservatives are losing the contest for the hearts and minds of America’s identity. Americans have had a tradition, at least until the reign of Obama, as insisting on a relatively conservative governing philosophy; today, this tradition has shifted in favor of a governing philosophy more to the political left then the once right-center. Of course this movement to the left was prompted by some sugar. The liberal socialists have developed a policy of buying votes by offering those who presently pay no or very little personal income tax a bargain. If you vote for Obama and his democrats we will send you money.

I believe the Democratic Party has demonstrated a reliable solidarity of purpose and focus; their legislative victories are a pure definition of how-to management of political doctrine, control of media, and knowing how to benefit the most from the magic of Obama’s speeches, laden with vague references to a promising contextual of misinformation-disinformation. I have not witnessed such wide-eyed seduction by so many since Burt Lancaster’s portrayal as the Evangelist Gantry.

Leadership is a matter of persuasion; the measure of a persuader’s effectiveness is ultimately about the establishment of meaningful consensus. While the persuader is persuading – the consensus unrealized – the effectiveness is therefore measured by time elapsed. When a policy is presented and enacted quickly, the persuasion is cast as sound dynamic leadership. The contrary is also just as true. The stretching of time will defeat the effectiveness of any persuader’s argument; the measure of a leader’s power is for the most part measured by the time it takes for a persuader’s policy to gain positive consensus.

Thus far, the liberal democrats have demonstrated on more than one occasion that they are leading the congress; while the people, in the majority, are standing in support of the Democrats: Obama’s “Yes we can” brand of governing.

The loyal opposition in congress cannot seem to enjoin, establish, and implement a substantive alternate to the democrats’ policy continuance of liberal socialism. At least the Republicans cannot effectively voice their policy alternative in a manner that enables a sustained outcry of effective counter persuasion. They just do not have the wherewithal to fight fire with fire; hence, the needed phalanx to march up the Democrats’ front all the while surprising them with an attack from the flank and rear is beyond their tactical ability. For the Democrats, dealing with the Republican resistance to their policies is like shooting ducklings that have not learned to fly.

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