Authored by William Robert Barber

The Obama liberals, much like the average Democratic Party politician, only more so, have a legislative and extra-legislative agenda to implement and they intend on on doing so with or without congressional approval. According to Obama, one has the right to object, but not the right to express that objection in a manner that could or would cause a differing of outcome, forecast, or policy. In other words, if one has an objection, a concern, or an amendment, such is fine with Obama as long as it does not interfere with his legislation. It scarcely matters that congressional oversight and rightful engagement is circumvented; nor does Obama hesitate, even if he is operating without lawful precedence, to seize effectual actions utilizing billions of taxpayers’ monies to bail out GM & Chrysler; what is important for Obama is the implementation of his agenda, not the procedure.

Obama seems to be wholly prompted by ideological beliefs; these ideological beliefs have nothing necessarily in common with the practical or good sense aspects of actual realization, and everything to do with zealot-like adherents to his particular belief. As with declaring the closing of Guantanamo before he had a plan and the rhetorical hype of healthcare for every American, as well as, by the way, every illegal immigrant. True to form he is declaring the righteousness of universal healthcare before a plan is written. Of course he understands that once the plan is written it will be scrutinized and measured; such audit-travailing does not sit well with the Obama liberals; after all, they really do know what is best.

Obama has nominated 16 czars to oversee his policy because his cabinet is overwhelmed and simply cannot get around to these critical issues. Issues like blessing up or down executive pay; Obama has no interest in controlling the car manufactureres or managing the inner workings of banks and insurance companies; but, of course that is exactly what they are doing. Obama is actually saying, “Do you want to believe me or your lying eyes.”

I am quite amazed at the continuum of media silliness that Obama’s policy initiates; the interface of reporting amongst competing television news networks and newspapers registers enlightenment, entertainment, and a solid measure of raging frustration. The media, regardless of any political affiliation by pundit or producer, are all eager (or should I say desperately eager) to endorse, discredit, modify, simply curse, or with gleeful panegyric regard reference Obama as the way and light.

Obama is a deceitful politician. Yes, I understand that lots of politicians are deceitful, but not many are as devious as President Obama. Not many can act in the red column but really be in the black column, all the while create the illusion, in the name of transparency, that he is truly blue.

Take his most recent speech on the pay-go program wherein he definitively stated that congress should not create programs that are not paid for by explicit means. All the while he excludes many of his own program initiatives from the very pay-go criteria he is advising congress on. Now this is a perfect instance of the Obama exercise of his belief system; say whatever one needs to say to achieve the objective. Obama is an amorally driven politician that justifies his means by his ends. He is driven by his socialistically inspired belief that fair and equal supersedes individual rights and individual freedom; of course, fair and equal is allotted and established by Obama.

For the most part Obama has won the battle of popularity; he has had his way, and his cunning political tactics have secured his legacy as a shrewd man who happens to be a politician. I do believe that proportionate to Obama’s success is reflective in America’s detriment. America has squandered billions and is heading at the speed of eloquent speeches for the largest, greatest, configuration of mostly negative economic, statutory, and cultural change since the election of FDR.

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