Authored by William Robert Barber

If there should not be a substantial course correction to the political center in the house and senate in the 2010 election, the damage to this nation’s statutory being will be exacerbated beyond recourse. The existing Obama agenda of change in America is not sustainable. I have serious doubts as to the educational veracity of any congressperson who voted for the Cap and Trade Bill, H. R. 2454; in fact, those congresspersons who did indeed vote positively should file suit against their school of higher education to get their tuition money back. Suggestively, they could prosecute under the charge of fraudulent inducement.

I do recall a lesson I learned in Vietnam: Assumptions and presumptions will get one killed in combat. Before my fellow Marines and I initiated an entry into bad-guy country, we went to extensive lengths to understand the terrain, study all intelligence documents, personally verify supporting arms, and insure that we were not only properly armed but could – with surety – rely on solid communications. We knew, verbatim, our mission statement and orders; we took our efforts seriously, leaving as little to chance as possible. Our legislators, on the other hand, did not even read the legislation they voted on; but what’s really discomforting, they all admitted they did not read what they affirmed. Is this not crazy?

Why in the name of sensibility would anyone think that investing 50 billion dollars in GM should be a government function much less a prudent investment? If Obama does not want to manage car companies – simple answer – don’t invest the people’s money in car companies! Of course the complete asinine on this federal government ‘free-cash’ give-away is our former President Bush and his arrogantly incompetent Sectary of Treasury, Paulson. A republican administration seduced by fear and prompted by puzzling anxieties called upon congress to save the credit-financial market; salvation was vested in appropriating billions of dollars to buy toxic assets from the inventory of distressed banks. If that particular was not executed, default would initiate mayhem; the metaphoric sky would fall, the marketplaces of the world would collapse, and catastrophic disorders ensue.

Well, lo and behold, the toxic assets were not purchased; instead, the feds insisted on distributing billions to a multitude of banks accompanied by an opaque helter-shelter policy of what businesses to invest in and what to abandon. Congress once again voted for a bill (TARP) they did not read; this time they did so with the trigger of panic, muscled to the rear by a shaky hand. These representatives of the people, ostensibly elected for their maturity, wisdom, honestly, and sensibilities, were cajoled into submission by the flimsiest of evidence; so much for the anticipated values of stalwartly courageous leadership.

Now the congress prodded by the Obama administration is contemplating healthcare. Billions upon more than a trillion dollars worth of costs and all I have to rely on for prudent attendance to this issue is the same ignoramuses that passed the stimulus bill, TARP, and Cap and Trade. The very same congress that is responsible for the rising cost of Medicare, the robbing of social security funds, and the giving away of taxpayer monies (to the great undeserving) the country does not have…

God bless America — because certainly, congress does not.

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