19 07 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

Since the Age of Reason and before we members of humankind have exhibited a consistent and devilish adherence to behaving unreasonably — although, professing sapient virtues our conduct favors the contrary — in the interest of fidelity to political ideology our president insists on an adherence to domestic policies that are not working. Despite the evidence of contradiction (to these policies) his captains align and entrench themselves with the failing policy. Denying sensibility and the rationality of pragmatism, these disciples of political ideology will not admit a mistake. Instead, they pour their collective energy into oral elongations of explanations of what they really meant when they forecasted whatever they forecadted that did not sum into its predicted result.

I think that the American people are really not interested in the definitives of a particular policy; nor do they care if the policy would be considered liberal or conservative. I believe Americans care about what works. I also believe that pretty words and pretty faces from the Obama disciples only go so far; presently, Obama and company are entering the only “so far” zone. It is not that an American is impatient; it is the simple expectation of results taking priority over a list of reasons for failure.

The electorate is discovering that Obama’s hope is nothing less than the result of guessable opinions coupled with poor planning. I believe in faith and that hope is a perversion of faith. One achieves faithfulness by the empirical measurement of substantiation. Faith is founded on the corroboration of evidence tested by the gauge of time. Obama’s economic policy is derived from his socialistic thesis that fairness is achievable by the redistribution of wealth by means of persuasion, subtle or draconic. Naturally, in the Obama world he and his disciples render the judgement of what is fair.

Obama’s healthcare plan, his cap & trade initiative, his ideas on redistribution by simply taxing the citizens of more financial wealth so that the citizens of less will be advantaged, are long held principles of a failed system called socialism. If one could example an entitlement program that is not a financial disaster awaiting impairment, please email me.

The Liberal Democrats actually believe that the mainstay, the operating mission of the US Government, is to tax and redistribute. Of course, our tax system is structured under the ridiculous theory of progressive levy wherein five percent pay the great majority of all taxes, leaving millions of Americans disregarding tax policy as an issue of concern since they pay no federal income tax. The democratic politicians figured this out a while ago… establish a financial class system and divide the vote by promising more to the less.

Well, the next election will determine this nation’s fate; if the electorate should endorse the Democrats with a continuum of majority control, this nation’s fate is sealed in a leftist bubble; if on the other hand the electorate should favor the alternative, a balance of sensibility will return to congress.

In 2010 the Republicans might have an electoral opportunity; of course, if successful, only the omnipotent one knows if they will screw this up like they did in their previous exposure to power.




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