24 07 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

If only I was poor. An ethnic minority; an illegal living in a sanctuary city, a welfare-enriched mother of five, almost any kind of-validated by congressional liberals-victim; if only, at bare minimum, I was a union member; or a diehard socialist enjoying the Phoenix of FDR political principles; then I could really get behind this entire Obama happening.

Although I certainly have been poor; alas, I am not poor. I grew up poor. But my timing of such status was not very good. In my time (of poverty) being on the dole meant community charities with little or no state welfare; it was the Catholic Church and their parishioners that gave shelter, food, and clothing to needy families.

My status as a member of an ethnic minority passed with the last great Irish-potato migration. As for joining any union: The very thought of paying another business within a business to represent my interest with management is just too convoluted and self-dealing for me to ever be a union member.

The ethos of socialism is repugnant to me and certainly counter-intuitive to my belief in sovereign self-determination or existentialism. Within the present administration, the indication are that no congressional liberal will cede me any convenience; indeed, by some unknown contrivance, liberals think of my small business endeavor and conservative political beliefs as part of the problem not an example of the overall solution.

I am one of those persons Charlie Rangel has designated as stalwart enough to pay additional monies on top of the progressively egregious tax-penalty one is designated to pay for the socialistic sin of financial success. The explanation is that I have taken more than my fair share; they go on to explain that I was protected and enriched for eight years by the previous administration. Therefore, now it is time to level the playing field; I have no precise understanding of what that phrase actually means but the liberals are obviously pleased with it.

I risk my capital in the marketplace, employ people, pay corporate taxes, and did not qualify for the TARP give-a-way. One would think that this administration would consider my contribution significant enough to stand aside, not meddle or harass, apparently, I am dead wrong. Indeed, instead of reinforcing my entrepreneurial traversing through the economic down turn without government assistance; my elected representatives are considering levying my individual tax obligation by taking more of my gross income.

All the leftist-liberals including: Political pundits, Joe Biden, those elected, those selected by the elected, the intellectual elite of media, as well as, academia and the desperately seeking moral redemption liberals have decided that my business will not be adversely affected by their proposed business or personal tax increase. I find little comfort with their analysis and resulting forecast; nevertheless, liberals collectively, with bombastic enthusiasm, and zero empirical evidence, confidently proclaim: To support the common good is my righteous obligation; all the while, noting quite adamantly, that neither they nor their policies are socialistic in principle.

Naturally, I have no say in defining the exactness of the common good-that sort of definitive engagement is reserved only for the elite’ potentates within the Obama circle. After all they went to Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and or Columbia-considering their qualifications the liberals counter my interest in defining the common good with: What would I know about such high fluting matters?



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