30 07 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

Like pigeons at a park or the sound of NYC cabbies honking their way thru traffic, the incessant gamut of noise generated by the media, editorialist, political pundits, politicians, academic personalities, in addition to the lot of radio personalities of sorted opinion, in aggregate, overwhelms the listener, viewer, or reader. With differing degrees of clarity and distinction, all of the before mentioned are commenting as to the disposition, motivation, consequence, probability, and real-meaning of Obama policies, sponsored by the Democratic majority.

A favorite topic of the ‘in the news’, interestingly, is the rabid commenting on the most noteworthy group within the dissenters; (particularly when it comes to Obama care) the Democrats within the Democratic Party. Surely, Pelosi and Obama are, at the very least, a bit frustrated over this particular development. Imagine, fiscally concerned Democrats disagreeing with the powerful left wing of the party; possibly, there is a measure of sensibility within the heart and mind of those elected to serve their constituents. Or maybe, just possibly, this fiscal concern of ’blue dog’ Democrats elected to represent a conservative populous, is directly bridged to the 2010 elections, wherein a vote for Obama care is a vote for a Republican at the next election?

Since the election of 1800, the counter-parties counter, the proponents of synthesis synthesize, and the politicians maneuver and manipulate. This ancient maelstrom of traditional discourse is taking place while the politically astute even the pseudo-astute rotate wet index finger into the wind in an effort to sense public opinion. Politicians with multiple advisors in hand contemplate the public relations advantage of being identified as the hen or the fox; after all, politics is like dodging mortar rounds one never really knows whether to leap left or right.

But then, no matter how knowledgeable the representative’s campaign manager, press spokesperson, or chief of staff, there are no harbingers; everyone is guessing. So, who really knows the electorate’s inclination? The electorate is whimsical. Sometimes for reasons ambiguous they actually run counter to focus groups or the most scientifically administered poll. Often, voters are measurable and easily swayed; at the same instance, these rascals are treacherously unpredictable. Certainly, politicians have evidenced the circumstance wherein voters were dangerously empathic to the strangest of prompts.

The former Governor of California, Davis, is an excellent case study of voter unpredictability; in this case, for trying to raise a fee on vehicle registrations, a referendum gained enough support to kick him out of office. Recently, under the most difficult of fiscal conditions, the very same voters actually said “No Thanks” to more taxes. The California dispute over the cost of governing is still waging but the legislators are doing this Krieg without eating up more of the taxpayers’ money. By the way, vehicle registration fees did go up; timing, in life and politics, seems to mean everything when measured in finality.

I am not sure why it is, but it does seem that voters, on a wide variety of foreign and domestic issues, are constantly relearning the same lesson over and over again. One would think that history, after extensive documentation and profuse dissemination to a literate populous, would utilize the data-banked evidence as a benchmark of accepted fact.

But instead, the proponents of a liberal/socialistic economic-political agenda redesigns or costumes the topic or issue of concern differently, resubmits the very same paradigm that has been proven unworkable and for reasons unreasonable actually predict that the result is going to be different this time.

The One True Maxim of Government: After literally thousands of years of monitoring and measuring, the result of the governed by that which governs has the one undeniable political constant; when given the opportunity, the governing entity will suppress, by means legal or extralegal the individual rights and freedoms of those that are governed.

President Obama and his socialistically inclined confederates withstanding…Government serves the people best when it is responsible for less not more; the largeness of government will and since the founding of the republic, has, replaced individual rights and freedom with entitlements, bureaucracy, and oligarchy. The government never gives without taking; there is no value without a price-nothing is free.




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