Authored by William Robert Barber

Vested interest, depending on application, is in some circumstances considered as a warning sign of corruption; whereby transparency is usually associated as an indicator of ‘blue sky’: a good thing, an indicator of fairness, a factor of equity and ethical compliance. “But not all is as it seems,” says Holmes to Dr. Watson.

Covert criminal or civil breaches of the law are apparent and adjudicated by traditional standard procedures. Naturally, depending on the specific transaction, a vested interest could be cause for criminal indictment, a slap on the wrist — or nothing at all. Note the number of possible ethical violations being discussed; I use the term ‘discussed’ because Pelosi’s House of Representatives is certainly not forth rightfully deciding these ethical issues of concern. Whichever, unlawful action is apparent, observable, and procedurally a matter of course.

Contrastingly, the general public’s perception of transparency is accepted with positive preference. The popular belief is that a transparent transaction takes place in the illumination of lawful compliance; I however believe quite the contrary. The government’s definition of transparency as applied is nothing less than the artful practice of hiding the empirical facts and truth from the American people. Unbelievably, this practice of hiding is executed in plain sight. The practice of governmental transparency is insidious, willful, and implemented with purposeful intent; the effects of such are fatally dangerous to the integrity of the republic.

I call this practice of hiding the truth in plain sight “Statutorily Compliant Corruption”. This corruption is predominantly ubiquitous amongst those sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and particularly predominate amongst those officers of the court licensed to practice the law.

Statutorily compliant corruption is not particularly new. Factually, such compliance has been the knife and fork of Henry VIII; Henry, who insisted on a trial as the preliminary intermediary before a beheading. Instead of King Henry we have the Congress as the preliminary intermediary before implementing statutory compliant corruption. Instead of hacking off one’s head the penalty imposed is the curtailing of personal liberty, as well as, the right to a free enterprise that is not subject to excessive taxation and burdensome regulations.

Now, what do I mean by hiding the truth in plain sight?

Take for instance our tax laws, the regulatory agency responsible for the implementation, administration, and fulfillment of such laws cannot, with steadfast surety, advise the taxpayer on specific inquiries. This quandary is extended to the agency’s internal documentation of FAQ’s and procedure. If that is not enough of an indicator of ambiguity that is apparently concurrent with the ostensible claim of transparency the entire department’s actions are subject to the interpretation of the courts, as well as, the opinions of their internal legal department. In other words, the laws are transparent in the literal sense but not really.

There must be a reason few of the elected read the very laws they vote yea or nay; well, the reason is they can’t; they lack the ability to comprehend the very law they voted to affirm. The follow up question is, well, then why construct a law that obviously the lay person who is subject to the law cannot understand? The simple answer is, so to pass the control of interpretation to attorneys, judges and the court system instead of to the people. There is only one place of adjudication in the land that functionally day-in-and–day-out the average citizen is going to receive fair and equitable disposition: Small Claims Court. The reason is no attorneys, no jury, low cost; in other words, the persuasion is limited directly to the factual descriptive of the plaintive and defendants interpretation of events; evidence is outright, the judge asks the questions and the loser has the right of appeal. The objective in Small Claims Court is the deliverance of swift justice. In every other available legal means one is subject to the dance of expensive discovery; a procedure design by attorneys for the benefit of attorneys and justice be damned.

There was a time in the history of humankind wherein at the penalty of death (usually by fire) no bible could be translated from Latin to the language of the people, English translations were illegal. This insured the power of faithful compliance to the church; today, the lawmakers are utilizing, in plain sight, the incomprehensible language of our laws as if it was Latin.

Incomprehensive ambiguity, legalizes, conflictive babble, confusion, and legislative befuddlement, these are the tools of those elected or appointed in their quest to retain political power.

Governmentally applied transparency is nothing other than Statutorily Compliant Corruption and it is eroding the body, spirit and ethos of America’s integrity.

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