Authored by William Robert Barber

At a recent Town Hall gathering Barney Frank delivered a profound communiqué to his constituents: He implicitly suggested that a voter should not trust him or the government. In this specific instance, I am going to take Barney’s advice; after all, he – like Obama – earned a law degree from the bastion of liberal learning, Harvard University. Interestingly, aside from Mr. Frank’s cautionary counsel, both of these attorneys are Democratic elitists. As a consequence, each defiantly believes that on all things material, they know better than their constituents. So let’s all take Barney’s sage advice.

In addition to Mr. Frank’s elitist status he does know how to put on a show; a host extraordinaire, Barney cuts through the audience’s question with vociferous abusive panache. His entertainment is coupled by some pandering, relentless sarcasm, and outright disrespect. Nevertheless, the town hall meeting was great theater; as always, Barney plays the feisty central character in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. An operetta wherein he is the producer, writer, cast (naturally all union), and most importantly, he is also the critic.

Now, if Barney Frank was running a for-profit entity instead of an open ended government job, his actions over the last few years would, at the extreme, prompt a criminal investigation or, at the standard, our advisor, Mr. Frank, would be ignominiously fired.

Barney Frank is in his own mind a Paladin legislator; a secular-liberal progressive inspired by his opposition to champion the right of entitlement, regardless of cost or sensibility, from cradle to grave. Considering his self-imposed mission, Barney is, by ideological passion, obligated to realign America as a socialistic state. Barney envisions his role as an enlightened politician amongst a horde of ignorant ignoramuses who do not recognize that he is the way and the light. Withstanding, Barney’s right to form and exploit his political ideology, his years of public service, his belief in his own righteousness; he is in fact, the perfect of the ineffectual, the dysfunctional and chaotic. Barney is a persistent hypocrite, a practitioner of half-truths and disinformation; although a charter member of the Noblesse Oblige, Barney’s political tenure has been purely an ideological endeavor that wholly neglects his obligation to noble service.

Barney is also a choreographer of great political influence. Elected representatives of differing political affiliation have practiced the Barney Frank dance. His dance is a sway timed to the rhythm of disingenuous lyrics. A sampling: That’s not really what I meant, it may sound contradictory but let me assure you, it is not. Yes, I voted for the bill, but not for the reasons expressed, I am against ‘pork’ or paying off special interest via earmarks; but the millions I have added on to the budget (in the dead of night) was vital and critical, I believe in transparency, I am a servant of the people, when I am coached abut town by limo or flown to far off places in a private jet, paid for by taxpayers, I do so in the interest of the people, that’s something that Bush did, and the beat goes on.

Never trust a politician or a government. I say this not in disrespect for either but to insure vigilance; liberty and freedom composite the very ethos of what it means to be an American. Barney’s belief system abates the value of the individual in favor of the collective. His ideology embraces a nation managed by an oligarchy of selected elitist who are politically liberal-progressive, utopian in scope and by means societal, political, and economic dedicated socialist. Barney will trash American traditions of existentialism for his interpretation of the common good; Barney Frank is a dangerous man; regretfully, there are many who drink his brand of poison — one of them being the President of the United States.

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