Authored by William Robert Barber

I wonder if the defining difference between conservative and liberal is as advertised. Wherein, the one considers limited government the ideal; while the other thinks the contrary; or the belief in unlimited government power and influence? If we track the political behavior of both ideologies, the evidence appears to be that when these differing ideologies utilize the venue of political parties, they seem in commonality with the overt-purposeful enlargement of government. The reputed diametrically opposed political ideologies have embraced identical results; these results of governing are exampled in the quantity of government’s enormity; the magnitude of government’s expansive legal authority, as well as government’s insatiable appetite for the swelling of its tax base.

Certainly, the Obama administration has brightened the difference between ideologies that create political ideals. As the song goes, “I can see clearly now,” without a doubt has stepped up the blue-in-blue and conversely in response the red-in-red really shines. I have some reason to hope that the Republicans learned their lesson and will govern with conservative principles — but then, I have been disappointed before. By gosh, when I see the Democrats and their policies, I am frighten to my bone.

I voted for Republicans because the alternative was overtly contrary to my sensibilities. I certainly have supported, with cash and means, political entities that I thought supported my political ideals; however, I did so with the expectation of less rather than more. Regretfully, I have never been disappointed.

History has documented many, many instances of office holders that served this nation honorably; nevertheless, the contrary is just as true. Withstanding history and its conclusions, today’s current events are very troubling.

Congress by its vastness with its complex ambiguity of endless rules, regulatory departments, agencies, and powerful committees, has purposefully distanced itself from the people. The elected offer cash rewards to those that pay no income taxes; the concept of taking from the wealthy is an economic disaster in the wait; the proposed tax increase (elimination of the Bush tax cut, among others), imposed on the small business, will abate fiscal viability and impair growth. The printing of currency is diluting the value of the US Dollar. Our foreign policy is childlike in its deployment. Obama and Clinton act as if goodness and friendliness beget goodness and friendship; they behave as if our national interest would be served if only we listened, apologized, and contritely requested.

The Rubicon is before us. Will the Obama functionaries achieve their objective on healthcare? Will Cap & Trade pass the Senate? If the socialists cross the Rubicon, Rome will not recover; civil unrest will define congressional debate. Conservatives, moderates, and libertarians will not simply sit on their hands.

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