Authored by William Robert Barber

I don’t know why we horse around with the concept of government operated healthcare… If Obama was really serious he would require 45 minutes of exercise a day administered by a Department of Exercise certified trainer; all candies, soft drinks, sugar intake would be determined by the Agency of Sugar Restriction. Every quarter, The Department of Correct Proportion would measure every citizen’s weight, waist, and thigh (illegals excluded), and if a citizen did not conform to the correct proportion within a given period of time, the citizen would be fined 10% of their monthly income. Every six months out of compliance the fine would be doubled. If a citizen would not adhere to all of the healthcare requirements, he would be locked up in a federally managed facility wherein compliance is administered.

Those that swallowed liquor, smoked tobacco, took any non-medication drug, or engaged in substance abuse of any descriptive would be banished from the general community and forced into a separate containment area until their violations were corrected. Of course some exceptions might be needed for national security purposes; for example the president being a smoker.

Naturally, Obama care will never outlaw sugar intake nor, will it mandate exercise or limit calorie digestion. Instead, the Democrats and their leader Obama will find a way to tax it for the benefit of the state.

I consider Obama care more than just an excuse to levy; more importantly, Obama care is a means to deprive citizens of their right to act in a manner that the Obama administration thinks is not healthy. With outrageous contradiction, his administrations are the very best bait and switch practitioners ever to occupy the White House. If for instance it is accepted that smoking tobacco is unhealthy or that drinking alcoholic drinks is a catalyst for injurious results, why is it that the government, via taxation, profits? Why does Government issue licenses for a fee so that distribution of harmful substance is permissible for consumption?

The incursion by government into the private life of every citizen has grown appreciably since the invention of electricity, gasoline, the combustible engine, and the telephone. The internet has eliminated privacy as we had known its definition for hundreds of years. Today there is no hiding from the means of and for the discovery of the most personal of information. Hence individual liberties like never before are under siege by those who assume to do the thinking for us common folks.

The Obama healthcare proposal is a direct continuance into more government incursion and management of the under and over behavior of the average American. Healthcare is just one of the many as to government insistence on abating individual privacy and in so doing curtailing, restricting, and belittling traditional individual liberties. Imagine, with Obama care, the IRS will monitor your personal bank account to insure a payment if one does not willingly pay for health coverage.

Obama care is nothing more than another ruse. The president and his liberal progressives are socialists at best, fascists at worst, whose interest is to establish even more boldly an obese federal government that dominates all material aspects of this country; indeed, the president, if given the opportunity, will skirt the implied, the spirit, and the literal of our Constitution to serve his definition of what is best.

Obama is a dangerous politician. He holds sway over the many by avoiding definitive specifics; he is the personification of one who favors the subjective over the objective; one who willfully substitutes truthfulness for rhetorical eloquence. In Obama’s belief system one and one equals three or indeed any sum Obama says it does; and the multitude follow.

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