Authored by William Robert Barber

In the final of the final, after all the campaign hoopla about “change we can believe in”, it is now apparent that the electorate’s vote for Obama’s version of “change” has resulted in a federal deficit three times greater than the previous. Despite the Obama economic team’s forecast of no more than 8%, unemployment is now nearly 10%. Unequivocally, we who have not drunk the Obama elixir understand that his economic advisors were incorrect in their math, mistaken as to the effect of the Obama stimulus, and downright erroneous as to its forecasted result.

I ask: Does the result of Obama’s last nine months in management instill confidence? What about the specifics of his economic emphasis and directives? Does the guarantee of universal health coverage via a single payer system evoke more fear than comfort?

We now know that the candidate Obama feinted (during the campaign) a center-left political standard; wherein, once sworn in, President Obama has been identified as a politician imbued with Marxian ideals. An example of his socialistic intentions is found within the top of his domestic agenda — Healthcare reform; when the legislative proposal includes government control of 16 to 20 percent of the national economy, the government has imposed National Socialism.

By his own volition, the president has appointed a number of “workers of the state”, dubbed “czars” by the media. These are people whose primary obligation is to aid, assist, and promote the president’s general policies. Of course once one scrutinizes the background and political ideals of some of these appointees, a prudent person might have cause to be concerned. The concern hedges around the number of czars (32), as well as the background of the actual person appointed; thankfully, not all but a few of these appointees have very strong Marxist influences. Is this not a reflection on the president’s political leaning and inclinations? Why is the president attacking Fox News?

I do remember the Obama pledge of transparency coupled with CSPAN access; during another one of his many campaign speeches he includes as a tangible example, a promise to post pending legislation on the Internet 3 days before the vote is taken. That promise, along with the promise that his administration would not hire lobbyist — well that promise of the president has gone into the waste basket along with transparency; now, we of the electorate understand the meaning of Obama’s promise for change one can believe in.

Just recently the president (March of this year), with clear definitive language, declared Afghanistan a war this nation cannot afford to lose. With pomp and vigor he declared a new military leader as the right general to implement the winning strategy of counter insurgency. In short order the general studied the terrain and situation and presented his plan with requirements. One of these requirements was a substantial increase in troop strengt — which did not go over well with the liberals and the left of Obama’s political base. You see, everyone on the left of center understood that declaring the Afghanistan war, the real war on terror, was a ruse to inflict as much political damage to Bush’s war in Iraq. The political left does not want to defend American interest in far flung destinations; they want the UN to deal with such matters.

Russia must be rolling over with laughter as to this president’s and Sectary Clinton’s foreign policy; Putin is on top of his game all the while humiliating the United States at every turn. The Putin game is about European Domination via an energy monopoly. After all, between Russia and Iran they control, in the region, the majority of natural gas resources; no need to play nice with the United States, with Obama and Clinton; Russia is well represented.

President Obama recently suggested that he needs time. Time for the stimulus to take effect, time to pass his socialist economically costly legislation, time to clean up the mess Bush left behind, and time to right the wrong the rich capitalist levied on the middle and poor class of Americans. Well, this nation has no time to implement economic policies that counter sensibility, nor the time to inflate the deficit beyond the means of prudent management.

We Americans handed Obama an electoral victory and expect more and better than his present effort.

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