Authored by William Robert Barber

A guiding rule for Marines and Politicians to live by: Assumptions, presumptions and unfounded predeterminations will get one killed in combat. Congress is about to act on healthcare legislation by calculating assumptions, presumptions, and unfounded predeterminations as if such were substantive empirically founded evidence. In other words, congress is presenting the healthcare legislation on an unproven starting point; they are at best making a guess, at worse, substituting an ideological premise for proof.

The advocates of “Obama care” are heralding a number of beliefs as if it is true. They are offing a presupposition or hypothesis and passing it off as truth. These liberal-progressive believers of universal health care are, consciously or not, are confusing what is alleged to be truthful with the factual. Their basis of facts, if given the utmost of thoughtfulness and positive interpretation, could only reach a level of extremely likely to be true; but extremely likely is still a guess. The fact remains: Their healthcare proposal is not deficit neutral; it is instead a cause for increasing taxes which will still require the government to subsidize which effectively increases the federal deficit.

Universal health coverage is a liberal ideal which has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility, prudent practice, or the sensible application of a policy; the liberal progressives have decided that every American is due this new totally manufactured entitlement. This is their current holy grail, their sense of fairness.

Instead of putting an effort into improving the current healthcare and delivery system by working with with state governments, medical service providers, and insurance companies, congress is about to make a blind bet on up to 20% of the nation’s economy.

Certainly there is sufficient evidence of government ineptness as to its ability to administrate, within budgetary guidelines, existing government entities; surely, congress will not model a futuristic government program (Healthcare) after these operating models.

The Obama progressives follow the lead of ideology over sensibility; respective of empirical evidence to the contrary they are compelled to walk off the cliff in order to service their belief that socialism is the better operating model for America’s economy.

Unfortunately their economic model is to simply print more money…

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