Authored by William Robert Barber

What price liberty? The liberty I speak of is the liberty of mind, body, and spirit;the liberty that resides within the context of a free person’s heart. It is that very liberty that is asked to cede part sometimes a significant part to government. The liberty of one’s mind, body, and spirit is the tripartite of elements that enable freedom of thought and action to function. Additionally and in keeping with the freedom of thought and action is a uniquely American inalienable privilege — the priviledge to exercise free of government (legislative or regulatory) mandate or interference any action deemed to be in the contrary of this nation’s traditional existential ethos.

America is the land of the free and the brave. Individual liberty is an American rite of passage and should not be denied or supplanted at the whim of judicial or legislative edict. For instance, America is a capitalistic culture much less a capitalistic economy; hence, any action by government for any reason, that engenders any domestic policy that abates in any form the further erosion of individual liberty must be subject to a national referendum requiring over 65% of the vote in order to be counted as an affirmation.

Withstanding, the persuasiveness of those that recommend the compromise of liberty at the behest of the ever so righteous common good; liberty must never yield. What the compromiser asks for is the willful abatement of individual liberties so that a committee of government is the jurisdiction of ultimate recourse. The primary inducement employed by the compromiser is the promise of government protection. As proof of their sincerity The Constitution is put forth as a binding definitive of individual rights. There are citizens who would be satisfied with such a trade. The compact with the persuader obligates the individual to surrender an agreed portion of their liberty for the government’s promise of beneficial entitlement and security; the individual has sold his liberty for the government’s subjective warranty of good intention. The price of individual liberty has been purchased for at best a promise to deliver.

History has documented a different story of government promises. In short order, the original understanding of the trade changes; previous understandings are altered by courts and regulators, what was once clear and objective is now ambiguous and subjective. The power of government supersedes all previous conventional contemplation of possibilities…politically motivated ideologist , costume, accentuate and disseminate their beliefs; counter ideologues respond with varying intensities of respectful or disrespectful regard. Within a generation or more the concept of individual liberty seems passé; the new concept is no longer a matter of trading liberty for the promise of a better life… Before long the individual has no liberty to barter. Now the citizen has been indoctrinated and wholly endorses the fantasy of entitlement; the citizen believes it to be not only a truism but an obligation of government. The presiding government is now oblivious to the obvious; government no longer possesses the ability to alter its course. Liberty and capitalism is now a chapter in the history books-probably a small chapter.

Fifty percent more or less of today’s Americans have willingly given up all the tangibles of liberty; such as: The liberty or freedom to fail and therefore suffer the consequences of failure; under the guise of health and the blessings of long life the individual’s right of making the wrong decision as applied to food and drink is now being decided by congress. Of course the true interest of congress has little to nothing to do with healthfulness but is a simple cause for egregious taxation. It is the cabal of the elect, the staffed and the appointed of government that have once again overreached their authority. Legislators in their pseudo-wisdom have decided that smoking cigarettes, excessively drinking alcohol or the metaphoric jumping out of an airplane without a parachute is either immoral or behaviorally dysfunctional for its citizens. Naturally, all of this nastiness must be taxed…

The persistent counter argument of individuals’ liberty, seemingly, is the concept of “in the interest of the common good”. The compromiser of liberty may fashion phrases such as “a level playing field”, “spread the wealth”, or a pledge to help the poor and disenfranchised. I simply do not believe the promises of those that ask or demand me to trade my individual liberty for the common good. I have never heard of a government or any entity pledging to take more from the poor people or declare that enslaving the disentranced as a means or a battle cry of solicitation for their cause. Quite the contrary; I have heard Obama as he pledged to give cash to those who have less cash and to not tax anyone who makes less than $250,000. Indeed, Obama suggested that making $500,000 a year is more than enough money.

I do know factually that Napoleon marched his army throughout Europe under the slogan of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality while killing hundreds of thousands; he did so after every citizen of the Republic surrendered their citizenship to the Emperor and his empire.

There is an ultra-class of citizens who have captured the congress; this class thinks very highly of themselves, so much so many serve for life terms… These politicians of varying ideologues are rescinding our liberties and usurping our individual rights by two very destructive tactics: Increasing the size of government and increasing taxes and fees upon all that have the means to pay. The nation is governed by two political parties; both have betrayed the trust of the people; but the Obama administration’s interest is to absolve individual liberty in favor of the state. Obama’s interest is counter to America’s fealty of ethos and mandatory obligation to the free peoples of the world.

Individual liberty is a priceless tangible; Americans paid and are paying for that liberty with blood… Liberty is not a commodity; it cannot be traded, purchased, or usurped.