Authored by William Robert Barber

The Obama administration cannot deny the forthcoming electoral negatives brewing in Virginia and New Jersey; it seems even the one congressional seat in New York where the Republican Party’s vote was split between two candidates has ended in favor of the conservative. It is possible that the Republicans could sweep these elections. If this Republican victory occurs, the elixir of Obama’s version of “change we can believe in” will stand diluted; evidencing that the Obama charm is proving ineffectual.

Finding fault or a reason for the deflating of Obama-mania will be the topic amongst pundits, political leaders, and the elected. I think the most interesting debriefing will be the Obama dream-team of electoral geniuses. I wonder where they will point the finger of blame… Surely the Obama dream will not point to administration policy as the cause for defeat; more than likely they will blame — in one or combination — the Democratic candidate, Republican skullduggery, or racism.

I say that Obama’s defeat, withstanding the president’s personal effort to solicit the contrary, is solely attributed to the political wrong headedness of his priorities (healthcare before jobs) and his insistence on ultra-left policies. The American public is wakening up to the Democratic Party’s idea of governing and see danger lurking about the by ways of congress. It is the (self-described) liberal progressive politicians, the ones that value the collective over individual liberty that present today’s lethal political concern. These socialists, elitists, believers of a grandiose-omnipotent federal government, are the provocateurs of Obama’s descriptive of change. It is these ideologues that believe they are “the truth, the light, and the way”. It is their superimposed hubris that enables their profound disregard and disdain for individual liberty, as well as the legacy of American values.

The Obama imprint of liberal progressive is founded on a Marxist belief: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Under the guiding principles of socialism he promises to spread the wealth; his justification is founded on “fairness”.

The leaders of the Democratic majority and their minions shamelessly distort reality, openly lie; they practice befuddlement by the facility of legalese and misdirection. They purposefully deceive the public and abate the intensity of truthfulness in favor of half-a-truth or falsity.

By Tuesday, in just a couple of days, a new measure of political will and conservative soundness will appear; hopefully, the resounding defeat of democratic candidates will help defeat Obama care and damper the Obama myth of super-persuasion.

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