Authored by William Robert Barber

The triumvirate of Obama/Pelosi/Reid represents the culmination of more than a century of governmental ingress into the affairs of its citizens. The triumvirate is no less than a continuance of governmental dominance over the once closely guarded liberties of the American citizen. I do believe their appearance of all-knowing, cloaked as liberal progressivism, now has evolved into a pervasive, do-it-the-way-I-insist, Pelosi/Reid legislative doctrinaire. They have forced through congress a Healthcare Bill despite the ever growing consequences; they have formed an alliance of the ideologically inspired all pledged to commit, if necessary, seppuku in order to advance the president’s socialistic agenda.

This liberal progressive movement espoused, in varying degrees of effectiveness by Democratic, as well as Republican administrations, was started in the beginning of the 1900’s. The concept that government had/has a larger role to play in society prevailed over those of traditional thoughts. Legislation enforced the initial progressive concept, government grew into predominance; effectually, the people traded their liberty for the notion that government could take better care of their primal needs than themselves.

I believe that the impetus, that engine the prevailing thought of liberal progressivism, is not just a falsity of premise; but instead, a premeditated act of fraudulent inducement of gigantic proportion. In other words, with willful forethought the elected, the special interest non-elected, the appointed, and those politicians (in office or out) that contrive for pecuniary gain have utilized all resources and measures, be it statutory compliant or extralegal, to maneuver — manipulate and otherwise induce — the American people to forfeit their individual liberty for the promise of what was either never delivered or delivered at a price or means of conveyance substantially different than promised.

Fascism, communism, and most of the variances of popular socialism all have the one commonality: The ideal of perfection; this ideal is founded on the supposition of a conceived intrinsic to socialistic doctrine; a covenant that takes on the guise of a sublime moral righteousness. This basis of such righteousness is identified by the following subtexts.

1. The rhetorical exploitation of reversed popular xenophobia, (delivered by a heroic orator) for example, the liberal progressives blame the unnamed ‘far-right people’ (formally known as conservatives) that are out to get the people of color. Scurrilously, and with pontificating manner, they express their outrage. For example, one such outrage is that racist or near-racist ‘feelings’ are still apart of America’s society; this is always coupled with the steadfast historical go-to pronouncement of economic-prevalent societal class disparity.
2. The commonality of ‘isms’ continue with the assertion (always without evidence) that certain persons (Dick Cheney) are declared persons of evil intent. This usually is followed up with a list of evil doers; such as traditional institutions (CIA), political parties, private and public traded entities (insurance companies, banks, and broker-dealers), and finally, contrary belief systems, both secular and religious.
3. There is or looms a crisis of such proportion that the nation state will suffer irreversible consequences if power normally held within the providence of congress, parliament, or bundestag is not ceded to the governing administration in the immediate.

The false hope of the ideal has repetitively, for thousands of years, prompted humankind into action. This all too human inclination to create, establish and embrace perfect has tantalized, intrigued and obsessed humanity. Most intensely, since the alchemist pledged the transmuting of baser metals into gold the false hope of establishing socio-political economic systems of ideal principles has always resulted with a governing system (benevolent or not) of autocratic-tyranny. The concept of achieving the ideal political and economic system, even though the ideal predicts consequences more subjective than objective, such ambiguity of message does not deter the proponents of these ‘isms’; seemingly, the receptive recipients of these messages-of-falsity prefer the subjective requiring no substantial evidence.

The concept of a perfect society governed by the most righteous and wise has experienced (even though they have always failed upon application) gratuitous appeal and almost immediate popular acceptance. Plato may have been the first liberal progressive; surely, ‘The Republic’ and its ideal philosopher-king concept of the perfect system rings, for a liberal progressive, as a plausible beginning of governing sensibility. The Obama believers now have sophisticated Plato’s original concept with the reality-application of Pelosi and Reid.

I call this ideal or idea of perfection a false hope. It is a falsity of premise because the ending is, with rare historical exception, the antitheses of their stated result.

In order to impose the ideal upon a society, individual liberty must and will subordinate to the supremacy of the state. History has proven time and time again that this ideal system of governing is a pseudo-choice, fabricated by the politically naïve in collaboration with the idealistically inclined who view the world more as an academic project than as a world of lethal conflicting interest. These propagators of liberal persuasion esteem a United Nations approach to worldly issues and concerns. The concept of a perfect government or the implementation of an ideal society requires every segment of human behavior to adhere and comply. Compliance and adherence require, as a natural consequence, draconian application. Such an application defeats the very idea of an ideal government or society.

History has documented the consequence of the first triumvirate that outcome destroyed even the semblance of a Roman Republic. The price of liberty is self-reliance, the spirit of essentialism, vigorous participation in one’s government, a steadfast mistrust of politicians, as well as government.

The ideals expounded by liberal progressives are a ruse, a falsity, a contextual of false hope; liberty is too precious to trade for government dominance and ingress…

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