Authored by William Robert Barber

The Democratic Party of Obama has misread the last election and overreached its electoral mandate. It has put most of its eggs into the basket of healthcare and angered the right and the left, and flummoxed the independents. How a political party could infuriate so many in such a short period of time is a bit mysterious. Nevertheless, by the end of next year, one will be able to measure the Obama effect; the midterm elections will quantify and parse the effectiveness or ineptitude of the Obama, Axelrod, and Emanuel policies.

It is simply amazing to me how devastating the hubris infection is to those in power; but I have never witnessed any group of politicians as arrogant as the Democratic leadership. Of course they do have an excellent role model to mimic; humility is not an apparent vestige of the president. As a consequence of their arrogance, Reid can outright lie to the American people; he can do so because he knows what’s best, and he actually feels justified in doing so.

In truth, Reid and Pelosi have lost their way; they are in the neither-land of blundering muddle-headedness. The healthcare legislation is no longer a matter of reforming healthcare or servicing the best interest of America; for the Democratic Party, this legislation is now a matter of exercising raw political power simply to render to Caesar a political victory. The Democrats have mounted a malicious and disingenuous attack on all non-supporters of the president’s agenda; they are working feverishly to unbridle themselves from the restraints of democratic procedure. These socialists are focused on implanting monopolistic institutions managed by special commissions, regulators, coupled with a behemoth bureaucracy and the entrenched ideal that the government does all the thinking.

This healthcare legislation is indecipherable, unpredictable, and full of contradictions and conundrums; this is the perfect exemplar of manipulating procedural methodology in the interest of divorcing the spirit of the law to suit the means to an end. Everyone knows the Congressional Budget Office scoring on this was founded on unattainable assumption and presumptions; the CBO detailed sections of deep concern within their report.  It seems to mean nothing to the claptrap of congressional officialdom; seemingly, the only true agenda is Obama politics of wealth redistribution over entrepreneurship.

Ideological animus is the fuel that runs the engine of liberal progressive coteries; their time is now and come hell or the loss of congressional seats, they have drunken the kool-aid and they are all in for a penny or a pound.

Well, they have done their deed and run, contrary to the wishes of the American people… that’s why we have elections.


Authored by William Robert Barber

The Obama revolutionaries have successfully attacked the spirit of the constitution; all the while, declaring, “The people have won a great victory.” Naturally, I am speaking of the healthcare bill affectionately called by opponents as ObamaCare. What is interesting is not what is enclosed in the bill; per se, but, what the advocates will not discuss that is implicit in the bill.

What will be innate upon implementation and implicit in the ObamaCare bill in its current form is the emphasis on a much larger size of government. Therefore, powered by means quantitative and quantified, the federal government, enabled by a liberal progressive majority in congress, once again, as if guaranteed, violates the spirit of our formative document. Congress, by the passing of this Obama initiative, has superseded the meaningfulness of the constitution wherein healthcare is now a right of citizenship. The Obama disciples will ignore or contest all constitutional constrains, as well as predictably circumvent any challenges to the federal government’s continuance of growth.

The democratic majority in congress is determined to reform healthcare by throwing out the baby with the bath water. The interest of its liberal progressive contingent is to enable their ideological sense of righteousness; respective that the debt service of its agenda is unsustainable or that the American people are in majority against this legislation. Their response is a unilateral decision that yes, the people are against it now; but once they see the benefits, like all government entitlements, they will love it. These progressives are so damn smart, they know what the people do not know… just amazing.

Coercion has always been ceded to government; withstanding, the power of governance, theoretically, is subject to the people. The problem is, there is no singular tangible located under ones thumb called the government and ‘the people’ is declared by everyone, including the government, as their own; hence, no tangible there either. Such distance from the tangible adds to the ambiguity of being governed and uniquely surrenders to government and its many professional politicians (elected and appointed) the high ground of legal process. The more government is permitted to expand the more time and money will be required to gain access to the legal process.

Congresspersons of the majority party in cahoots with the news media that has taken on their own political agenda and the corruptive inertia of a pompously arrogant federal bureaucracy, all have come together to insure the passage of this ObamaCare monstrosity. Interestingly, congresspersons, the news media, and the federal bureaucracy knows full-well that although healthcare was the subject; the actual intention of the legislation is the conversion of private to public. This conversion or the legislative passing of healthcare from private ownership into the grasp of the government is fodder for the government to tax. Remembering the power to disperse what is taxed is as powerful as the coercive power to tax; hence, the government now controls, via taxation and regulation, a material percentage of the nation’s GNP. Beware! When the call to arms is “from the innovation of a common cause a common purpose;” so says, noted political philosopher F. A. Hayek. Under the guise of social justice the special interest is served is another paraphrase of Mr. Haye

Since the early 1900’s the power of the federal government has increased substantively and inversely so the sovereignty of private entrepreneurship, hampered by the dictates of an ever intrusive government, has abated. This particular legislation is a giant step to the government participation in every aspect of a citizen’s life. All of these because Obama says it’s fair; costly, burdening, intrusive, and inefficient, but Obama thinks it’s fair.

The Democratic Party’s reform of this nation’s healthcare system is a blatant attempt to enrich the American Entitlement State. The ideological or founding premise of this, all but wholly socialist political party, manages to hold simultaneously two contradictory ideas. These Obama democrats believe that the cost of government intrusion into society, in the interest of the common good, will never, as a means of a fare, conflict with the inalienable rights of an individual citizen. They also believe that if those rights are jeopardized, infringed upon, or indeed, superseded, such is tolerable because it affords the interest of the common good. These democrats are not only naive but also deceitful.

Well, we conservatives are armed with the 2010 election…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Since the battle of Kadish, a military offensive, provoked ostensibly by Pharaoh Ramses’ concern for Hittite aggression, humankind has considered violent conflict as a viable method of achieving objectives. Ramses was certainly not the first to initiate strategic violence to further a goal. To be sure, one could trace the telltale sign of what was to come thousands of years before there was an Egypt. Neanderthals pictured on cave walls the utility of manmade weapons and tactics for hunting wild animals. While a new species evolved out of Africa, the Homo Sapiens effectively applied the very same utility that the Neanderthals did to hunting animals, to hunting their fellow humans. For these innovative, highly intelligent beings, the conveyance from hunting animals to hunting men was seamless.

From the beginning of recorded history till today, the reason to kill, maim, or enslave a fellow human is specious at best; at worst, the basis is arbitrary, deliberate and discretionary. The causation for humankind’s propensity for conflict bandies between the false premises of want and need. Without cutting and pasting thousands of years of historical documentation to prove my point, pride, glory, silliness, foolishness, evil intent, naiveté, love, hate, incorrect predilections, predisposed-presumptions and assumptions… Actually, the listing of why man willfully slay their fellow man is endless.

Humankind has the sense for reason and rationality and is fully capable of facilitating the nexus of deduction — logic and pragmatic sensibility. We have been taught to understand that all of these descriptive definitions enclosed within the previous sentence aggregate to form the differing between the super intelligent man and solely instinctive beast. But interestingly, this descriptive is profoundly contrasted by man’s constancy for violent conflict. This manmade irrational insistence for violent aggression has, for invader and defender, provocateur and responder, across all cultural divides, managed to create a scenario whereby the use of arms to achieve an objective, no matter the cost to life and property, has been validated as effective.

Order is the antidote for chaos. Chaos is never good; indeed, chaos maybe an indicator of evil. Order requires a dominance of force; however, the permanency or enduring spirit of order also requires a consensus of acceptance by the majority of the people. In other words, chaos increases in proportion to the abatement of order and inversely so; nevertheless, without positive overwhelming consensus, order cannot subdue chaos.

I therefore conclude that dominance by force of arms is the definitive surety for the continuance of peacefulness — and only America has the military wherewithal to offer such a dominance of force.

As I have previously stated, without popular acceptance, forcing peacefulness upon those that behave in a violent warlike manner will be more difficult then less. Consequently, America’s first step should be to forewarn and plainly declare its intention. The second step should be to invoice countries where US forces are based or patrol for the services of enforcing peacefulness.  Or in place of billing countries, the invoice should be directed to commercial entities not domiciled in the United States. The strategy of enforcing peacefulness is to have a greater portion of the cost of enforcement paid by those countries and or commercial entities that benefit from the enforcement services preformed. This invoice will be similar to an insurance policy’s premium for liability coverage. An example of such invoicing by US forces would be the warships protecting the flow of Middle Eastern oil leaving the Persian Gulf for deposit in foreign ports.

America needs to assume global responsibility for peaceful dispose; every nation on earth will benefit and certainly the poor, wretched, disenfranchised, and persecuted. For instance, pirates will be destroyed from within and without; warlords forced to rule with respect for human welfare or else face the wrath of US arms. The People’s Republic of North Korea must be deposed from any authority and operational function; this state is nothing less than rough criminal nation.

Any and all allies of America will directly aid assist, manage a region or target at their cost, or pay an annual fee for the compelling of peacefulness on those who need to be compelled.

Obviously, more than a simple few think me a bit touched for even contemplating such a strategy. To them I say that for the greater part of modern American history, America adhered to a piece meal, head in the sand, let them do it to us first, policy of denial; American politicians closed their eyes to the world and its reality. Didn’t the first half of the 20th century kill millions of people? Did we not fight two world wars? Was not the First World War the war to end all wars? On a global basis there have been a number of conflicts, wars, and lethal violence; clearly, the cost to peacefulness has been extreme. America must finally visualize the world as it is — not as it wishes it was — and act.


Authored by William Robert Barber

America is the world’s guarantor; the only super power in the world with the means to indemnify against any hostile action anywhere on the globe. American forces are dispersed on every continent, in every seaway our ships and submarines are present. Many nations depend on the presence of US forces as the additional surety that their much needed resources will reach their ports; world-wide commerce, to some material effect, would be jeopardized if not for the force of US arms.

The effectiveness of US arms is not only important for commerce. For example, how much of a deterrent would NATO be to aggressor forces without America? Would the UN even bother to meet without American participation? Would the world be safer without America’s lead in its military alliances? Since 1945, the world is safer not because of America’s force of persuasion; but, because of its force of arms. Obviously, a show of force is never enough; it must be coupled with a willingness to commit such forces to combat.

The American military insures that oil arrives in Japan, Korea, China, and on to its shores. New York and Miami represent the international business city of choice for Europe and all countries south as Texas; Los Angeles is the gateway to the Pacific and Asia. America is the largest consumer nation that has ever existed; it also has the most lethal sophisticated, combat experienced armed forces in the world. Only America’s martial forces are distributed all over the globe; unlike any other nation in the world, America is ideally suited to enforce peacefulness.

Since history has been recorded, warfare has existed. Violence is the addition of humankind. For reasons unreasonable, even irrational, there are nation states that are hell bent on creating chaos to merely service their wanting. Nation states are prompted into the compliance of peacefulness not by some internationally accepted moral obligatory but by the use of power. Power is used to compel.  The power to compel must provoke the counter party into compliance; anything short of abrupt and immediate compliance is simply diplomatic gimmickry.  There are alternatives to military intervention that may compel a belligerent nation to peacefulness; nevertheless, tradition has proven, without the unilateral willingness to use military intervention, other forms of persuasion are no more than an ineffective ruse.

North Korea survived the Korean Conflict because America lacked the will to complete the task. Today Korea has nuclear weapons. Iran is positioning itself to evangelize the Middle East with its branding of Shiite hegemony. Soon, Iran will have the nuclear capacity to deliver an atom bomb. Syria is eager to control Lebanon.  All did, do now, and will continue to support America’s enemies; such support certainly includes Israel’s nemesis Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian militant factions. Iran has reached over as far away as Venezuela so to embarrass the United States. At its pleasure, Iran by military and political means, strives to destabilize Iraq.

Selling to the same consumers, China is in competition with India over labor pricing and manufacturing. India fears Pakistan and their ambitions in the Kashmir. Pakistan is fighting a war to keep the Taliban at arm’s length. Pakistan is a nuclear armed nation that has no respectful regard for US interest; factually, the country is politically unstable and its people are ambivalent to American aid and assistance.

Russia is managed with an iron hand by Putin and company. The ideal for Mother Russia is to control their historical sector of influence. Their interest is not restricted to former members’ countries of the Soviet Union but the ultimate prize of prizes is to manipulate the European Union; this manipulation, in their mind, is achievable through the controlled distribution of natural gas and oil.

The only country on earth that can effectively counter these threats to peacefulness is America.


Authored by William Robert Barber

We citizens have been taught that government is formed to act at the bequest of the governed. That public serve is a high-minded ideal. Additionally, we Americans, despite the lauded shortcomings and outright failings declared by friend, foe, and a few of our own politicians, have been schooled that the sacrifice of our blood and treasury was and is a necessity. That even those that died in Korea and Vietnam, their spilling of blood was not spent in vain; Americans put on their war paint in the most part because we trust the findings of our government.

Governing America is serious business. So serious, to paraphrase a vintage President Regan statement, that one cannot trust without verifying; but there is no real hands-on mechanical method of auditing congress. Less a free and openly skeptical press, no one really verifies or fact-checks (in a timely or instantly disseminated manner) the actions of congress. Now imagine if the press was not free and skeptical? What if there was an election wherein the press had a favorite horse in the race?

Voters do have the opportunity to elect different representatives every two and four years. As a consequence, theoretically, the electorate has the statutory right to “throw the bums out”. But incumbents are difficult to be unencumbered from office. Newbies who wish appointment to office have an uphill fight; nevertheless, those in office and those wanting ‘office’ must spend ungodly amounts of money. As a result, the electorate’s choice is dulled by the process of the election itself. Now, if that is not enough of an encumbrance to throwing the bums out, with willful purpose the elected and their staff of confederates have deliberately sophisticated the all too ambiguous nature of governing by creating a legislative language and process that is beyond the understanding of the common. Politicians understand that ambiguity in language and process protect incumbents — that’s why we have career politicians that enthusiastically promote convolution; the idea is to deny access to scrutiny by the common.

The apparatus of governing, those persons operating within its bureaucracy, the elected, the appointed, the staff of those elected, by means covertly-overtly, from within statutory compliance and from without, by means criminal and civil, knowingly and unknowingly, this entire embodiment that constitutes the multi-workings of government is not only subject to corruptive practice but will, and can be, counted on to act in a corruptive manner. Vigilance! That has been the warnings of our founding fathers, political philosophers, and the definitive documentation of history. But vigilance takes time and effort from those outside of congress (voters) because those within congress will never act to expose their misgivings.

In previous writings I have implied, alluded, and overtly declared that all governments are corrupt. I stressed that the natural nature of politics (with some notable exceptions) is inclined, particularly, when push comes to flaying, to serve, in the first cause, the interest of the representative’s political party which foremost is a substantiation of specific ideological fidelity. The service of such allegiants often enough displaces ordinary sensibility; wherein, the sense of the common is redirected to policies that once effectual generates the contrary of intended consequence. The minimum tax and the present healthcare legislation is one such instance of an opaque legislative agenda.

The liberal progressive chieftains, specifically, the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi alliance have provoked the phoenix of conservative leaning Americans. The chieftain’s insistence on passing healthcare legislation by Christmas has enabled Senator Reid to appease and compliment his fellow senators. At the first, cajoling, and when that fails, bullying, and when that fails, overtly, buying the votes of fellow Democrats. Nevertheless, in the finality, this ideologically designed package of liberal legislation will be the Democrats undoing. No matter, the alliance of liberal progressive push about their business, blinded by their own hubris, they act as if the emperor has no clothes. The passion of their liberal progressive ideology has replaced their prudence; logic has been denied access, winning at any cost has captured their reasoning, Democrats can no longer represent the interest of the American people. They are solely the advocates of liberal progressive leftist and have turned a deaf ear to all other persuasions.

The Republican Party has felt the positive glow of this grassroots movement but hesitate to outwardly embrace its meaningfulness. They are afraid to be conservative. They are fearful of those that would prohibit or defuse their ability to disseminate their party’s political philosophy. They are caught up in the politics of their own ideological predicament; wherein, instead of listening to the righteousness of their inner voice they cower for some ill defined middle ground.

Both political parties have produced representatives that put staying in office or attaining office ahead of the moral righteousness of truth telling. They have compromised so much there is nothing left of substance; they are left with only a shell of a pretense for beliefs.

Regretfully, a significant number of politicians and their confederates are liars, deceivers, and power addicts…