15 12 2009

Authored by William Robert Barber

We citizens have been taught that government is formed to act at the bequest of the governed. That public serve is a high-minded ideal. Additionally, we Americans, despite the lauded shortcomings and outright failings declared by friend, foe, and a few of our own politicians, have been schooled that the sacrifice of our blood and treasury was and is a necessity. That even those that died in Korea and Vietnam, their spilling of blood was not spent in vain; Americans put on their war paint in the most part because we trust the findings of our government.

Governing America is serious business. So serious, to paraphrase a vintage President Regan statement, that one cannot trust without verifying; but there is no real hands-on mechanical method of auditing congress. Less a free and openly skeptical press, no one really verifies or fact-checks (in a timely or instantly disseminated manner) the actions of congress. Now imagine if the press was not free and skeptical? What if there was an election wherein the press had a favorite horse in the race?

Voters do have the opportunity to elect different representatives every two and four years. As a consequence, theoretically, the electorate has the statutory right to “throw the bums out”. But incumbents are difficult to be unencumbered from office. Newbies who wish appointment to office have an uphill fight; nevertheless, those in office and those wanting ‘office’ must spend ungodly amounts of money. As a result, the electorate’s choice is dulled by the process of the election itself. Now, if that is not enough of an encumbrance to throwing the bums out, with willful purpose the elected and their staff of confederates have deliberately sophisticated the all too ambiguous nature of governing by creating a legislative language and process that is beyond the understanding of the common. Politicians understand that ambiguity in language and process protect incumbents — that’s why we have career politicians that enthusiastically promote convolution; the idea is to deny access to scrutiny by the common.

The apparatus of governing, those persons operating within its bureaucracy, the elected, the appointed, the staff of those elected, by means covertly-overtly, from within statutory compliance and from without, by means criminal and civil, knowingly and unknowingly, this entire embodiment that constitutes the multi-workings of government is not only subject to corruptive practice but will, and can be, counted on to act in a corruptive manner. Vigilance! That has been the warnings of our founding fathers, political philosophers, and the definitive documentation of history. But vigilance takes time and effort from those outside of congress (voters) because those within congress will never act to expose their misgivings.

In previous writings I have implied, alluded, and overtly declared that all governments are corrupt. I stressed that the natural nature of politics (with some notable exceptions) is inclined, particularly, when push comes to flaying, to serve, in the first cause, the interest of the representative’s political party which foremost is a substantiation of specific ideological fidelity. The service of such allegiants often enough displaces ordinary sensibility; wherein, the sense of the common is redirected to policies that once effectual generates the contrary of intended consequence. The minimum tax and the present healthcare legislation is one such instance of an opaque legislative agenda.

The liberal progressive chieftains, specifically, the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi alliance have provoked the phoenix of conservative leaning Americans. The chieftain’s insistence on passing healthcare legislation by Christmas has enabled Senator Reid to appease and compliment his fellow senators. At the first, cajoling, and when that fails, bullying, and when that fails, overtly, buying the votes of fellow Democrats. Nevertheless, in the finality, this ideologically designed package of liberal legislation will be the Democrats undoing. No matter, the alliance of liberal progressive push about their business, blinded by their own hubris, they act as if the emperor has no clothes. The passion of their liberal progressive ideology has replaced their prudence; logic has been denied access, winning at any cost has captured their reasoning, Democrats can no longer represent the interest of the American people. They are solely the advocates of liberal progressive leftist and have turned a deaf ear to all other persuasions.

The Republican Party has felt the positive glow of this grassroots movement but hesitate to outwardly embrace its meaningfulness. They are afraid to be conservative. They are fearful of those that would prohibit or defuse their ability to disseminate their party’s political philosophy. They are caught up in the politics of their own ideological predicament; wherein, instead of listening to the righteousness of their inner voice they cower for some ill defined middle ground.

Both political parties have produced representatives that put staying in office or attaining office ahead of the moral righteousness of truth telling. They have compromised so much there is nothing left of substance; they are left with only a shell of a pretense for beliefs.

Regretfully, a significant number of politicians and their confederates are liars, deceivers, and power addicts…




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