Authored by William Robert Barber

The Obama revolutionaries have successfully attacked the spirit of the constitution; all the while, declaring, “The people have won a great victory.” Naturally, I am speaking of the healthcare bill affectionately called by opponents as ObamaCare. What is interesting is not what is enclosed in the bill; per se, but, what the advocates will not discuss that is implicit in the bill.

What will be innate upon implementation and implicit in the ObamaCare bill in its current form is the emphasis on a much larger size of government. Therefore, powered by means quantitative and quantified, the federal government, enabled by a liberal progressive majority in congress, once again, as if guaranteed, violates the spirit of our formative document. Congress, by the passing of this Obama initiative, has superseded the meaningfulness of the constitution wherein healthcare is now a right of citizenship. The Obama disciples will ignore or contest all constitutional constrains, as well as predictably circumvent any challenges to the federal government’s continuance of growth.

The democratic majority in congress is determined to reform healthcare by throwing out the baby with the bath water. The interest of its liberal progressive contingent is to enable their ideological sense of righteousness; respective that the debt service of its agenda is unsustainable or that the American people are in majority against this legislation. Their response is a unilateral decision that yes, the people are against it now; but once they see the benefits, like all government entitlements, they will love it. These progressives are so damn smart, they know what the people do not know… just amazing.

Coercion has always been ceded to government; withstanding, the power of governance, theoretically, is subject to the people. The problem is, there is no singular tangible located under ones thumb called the government and ‘the people’ is declared by everyone, including the government, as their own; hence, no tangible there either. Such distance from the tangible adds to the ambiguity of being governed and uniquely surrenders to government and its many professional politicians (elected and appointed) the high ground of legal process. The more government is permitted to expand the more time and money will be required to gain access to the legal process.

Congresspersons of the majority party in cahoots with the news media that has taken on their own political agenda and the corruptive inertia of a pompously arrogant federal bureaucracy, all have come together to insure the passage of this ObamaCare monstrosity. Interestingly, congresspersons, the news media, and the federal bureaucracy knows full-well that although healthcare was the subject; the actual intention of the legislation is the conversion of private to public. This conversion or the legislative passing of healthcare from private ownership into the grasp of the government is fodder for the government to tax. Remembering the power to disperse what is taxed is as powerful as the coercive power to tax; hence, the government now controls, via taxation and regulation, a material percentage of the nation’s GNP. Beware! When the call to arms is “from the innovation of a common cause a common purpose;” so says, noted political philosopher F. A. Hayek. Under the guise of social justice the special interest is served is another paraphrase of Mr. Haye

Since the early 1900’s the power of the federal government has increased substantively and inversely so the sovereignty of private entrepreneurship, hampered by the dictates of an ever intrusive government, has abated. This particular legislation is a giant step to the government participation in every aspect of a citizen’s life. All of these because Obama says it’s fair; costly, burdening, intrusive, and inefficient, but Obama thinks it’s fair.

The Democratic Party’s reform of this nation’s healthcare system is a blatant attempt to enrich the American Entitlement State. The ideological or founding premise of this, all but wholly socialist political party, manages to hold simultaneously two contradictory ideas. These Obama democrats believe that the cost of government intrusion into society, in the interest of the common good, will never, as a means of a fare, conflict with the inalienable rights of an individual citizen. They also believe that if those rights are jeopardized, infringed upon, or indeed, superseded, such is tolerable because it affords the interest of the common good. These democrats are not only naive but also deceitful.

Well, we conservatives are armed with the 2010 election…

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