Authored by William Robert Barber

The Democratic Party of Obama has misread the last election and overreached its electoral mandate. It has put most of its eggs into the basket of healthcare and angered the right and the left, and flummoxed the independents. How a political party could infuriate so many in such a short period of time is a bit mysterious. Nevertheless, by the end of next year, one will be able to measure the Obama effect; the midterm elections will quantify and parse the effectiveness or ineptitude of the Obama, Axelrod, and Emanuel policies.

It is simply amazing to me how devastating the hubris infection is to those in power; but I have never witnessed any group of politicians as arrogant as the Democratic leadership. Of course they do have an excellent role model to mimic; humility is not an apparent vestige of the president. As a consequence of their arrogance, Reid can outright lie to the American people; he can do so because he knows what’s best, and he actually feels justified in doing so.

In truth, Reid and Pelosi have lost their way; they are in the neither-land of blundering muddle-headedness. The healthcare legislation is no longer a matter of reforming healthcare or servicing the best interest of America; for the Democratic Party, this legislation is now a matter of exercising raw political power simply to render to Caesar a political victory. The Democrats have mounted a malicious and disingenuous attack on all non-supporters of the president’s agenda; they are working feverishly to unbridle themselves from the restraints of democratic procedure. These socialists are focused on implanting monopolistic institutions managed by special commissions, regulators, coupled with a behemoth bureaucracy and the entrenched ideal that the government does all the thinking.

This healthcare legislation is indecipherable, unpredictable, and full of contradictions and conundrums; this is the perfect exemplar of manipulating procedural methodology in the interest of divorcing the spirit of the law to suit the means to an end. Everyone knows the Congressional Budget Office scoring on this was founded on unattainable assumption and presumptions; the CBO detailed sections of deep concern within their report.  It seems to mean nothing to the claptrap of congressional officialdom; seemingly, the only true agenda is Obama politics of wealth redistribution over entrepreneurship.

Ideological animus is the fuel that runs the engine of liberal progressive coteries; their time is now and come hell or the loss of congressional seats, they have drunken the kool-aid and they are all in for a penny or a pound.

Well, they have done their deed and run, contrary to the wishes of the American people… that’s why we have elections.


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