Authored by William Robert Barber

I am not sure of the details as to when and I would be guessing as to how. But I think at certain times, starting from the beginnings of American history (such times distinguished by crises perceived or real) by extent variant, means implied, methods explicit, politicians seeking to impose an ideological agenda took advantage of the particular crises with one predominate result: To enhance the power of the federal government. Never have the actions of these politicians, prompted by a crisis of design or real, resulted in the abatement of federal power.

Politicians (elected and common) in cahoots with a somewhat willing governmental bureaucracy while purposefully advantaging the historical sociology of an ambivalent often confused, sometimes frightened, citizenry. These very same politicians have deliberately rearranged and often decisively forsaken the constitutionally founded apparatuses of constitutional governing. Their actions, utilizing the imperial-like edits of legislation or ideological edits that spur beneficial initiatives, have willfully violated the long-established nuance, connotation, and consequence of the constitution’s intent. The spirit, even its established meaningfulness, particularly, regarding the constitution’s explicit federal limitations of authority and supremacy over the governess of states and individual citizens, has effectually been challenged. These politicians of liberal progressive persuasion have for all intents and purposes disabled the constitution’s contextual integrity.

Wherein originally, the idea that the founders crafted into documental form the specifically expressed, uniquely American, political belief of limited government has been vacated in favor of the liberal-progressive persuasion or interpretation that the constitution is a ‘living-ever evolving document.’ This decisive white to black change of constitutional reading has rendered a founding document that is subject to revisionism. The practical result of this liberal-progressive-revisionist remake of our constitution’s original intent is a government of boundlessly omnipotent power.

Certainly, since the turn of the 19th century, the federal government’s insatiable uncontrollable inertia for more power has circumvented, violated, or by implication revised the lawful meaningfulness of the nation’s constitution. The consequence of such has seriously threatened the sovereignty of state’s right and diminished the freedom and liberty of individual citizens.

Most importantly or most dastardly for those of conservative principles, these manipulators, masters of lawmaking inventiveness have captured the three most important aspects of governing control: The first is the power to regulate; which in pure form is the unfettered inducement of draconian-like power. Such power in practical terms translate into the power of defining the meaning of legislation. The second is implicit calculation of inducing a legal procedural process wherein the layperson requires expert knowledge or must, at ones personal expense, rely on licensed by the state representative in order for one to protect oneself from governmental abuse. The elected, in majority, govern through the creative manipulation of ambiguously designed legal language that is in perpetual symbiosis with the judicial, as well as, legislative system. The third is the positively presented propagation of the first two aspects of governing control so to initiate a continuum of populous acceptance. This populous acceptance is in coordination with politicians buying votes by promising cash and rewards. Obama was very effective with his promise to level the playing field by giving money to those that pay no federal income tax.

The voting public is now at an interesting political crossroads. Do we Americans want a larger greater government or a smaller less powerful? I do believe Obama has been the perfect picture to go with the words. He is a socialist. He represents bigger and more; irrespective of tea parties, a resistant Republican defense, and an ever growing contrariness to the Obama administration; taxes will go up and government will expand. But the next election is right around the corner and the congressional majority is sticking to stupid. And I do have the faith that America will vote conservative in the next election so with the grace of sensibility and a few Marines the Democrats will lose congressional seats en gros…


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