Authored by William Robert Barber

Issues of concern for the Obama administration is the ever-growing debt service to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the billions of taxpayer funds at risk over at AIG, Chrysler, and GMC; but no worries, says Obama. No need for consternation is the prepared-delivered-in unanimity assurance of government officials. All the while the very same Obama disciples who stress confidence in their financial-economic initiatives acknowledge the persistence of a historically high unemployment percentage; respective of the plainness of this (historically high unemployment) empirical obvious, they (those within the Obama administration that knows all things) insistence on employing a continuance of more of the same. Another indicator of the administration’s dutiful commitment to practicing the dark and foreboding artfulness of counter-intuitivism is its declared recognition that the employment positives are only in government jobs not private. Hence the administration has decided that it is small business that needs economic assurance so they (those that know just about everything) create policies that work against the interest of small business.

Interestingly, as Obama stresses that we all must simply recognize that turning around this economy is difficult; therefore, the administration’s advice is patience. Obama since October has not mentioned the stimulus; nevertheless, he does, without fanfare or clarification emphasis the need to target economically stressed entities. I personally have no idea what targeting in application actually means. By avoiding the desperate call for federal funding from a number of impaired states, Obama’s economic team has decided to respond to the brewing emotionally charged popular sediment against banks and bonuses. Naturally, the Obama response is to tax; of course, the probability of this tax being legislated into law is farfetched the president and his team did have an excellent photo opportunity.

If they tax the banks then maybe (thinks the Obama economic team) we can move some of that money to cover the Fannie and Freddie open ended multi-billion dollar federally backed credit obligation. Or if that doesn’t fly, maybe help the auto companies feed money into a number one administration objective: Hiring more union workers regardless of market or operational requirements.

The Democratic majority in Congress advises thus: Whether we of the elected (on the merits) are right or whether were wrong it is still better to pass this healthcare legislation. No matter the financial dispose of future consequence, the logical probability of certain integrally harmful pieces and parts or the blatantly obvious constitutional conflict between interconnecting mandates; ignore all. Take no notice; indeed even better close your eyes to the creative budgeting gimmicks. Please simply disregard Nebraska’s exclusion from states’ pecuniary consideration and fee obligations due under this pending legislation. Get over it. Everything in politics cost something. Remember! This healthcare legislation is the single greatest gift that the Democratic Party has ever given to the American people. Oh, and to those in the motherland that may disagree with this legislation: We liberal-progressives are harbingers as well as wizards, we can with absolute surety say, that in time you dissentients are going to love it. Besides most of these naysayers are Republican dupes and tea party radicals. So say the Obama Democrats…

The right of statutory recourse is a quintessential ingredient of American government’s contract with its citizens. Recourse has numerous forms including petitions, elections, referendums, legislation, and law suits. All of these instruments of recourse are traditionally inherent to an American’s rightfulness. Any action by the elected to inhibit, impair, minimize, circumvent, or disregard by means legislative or extralegal a citizen’s right to recourse is considered a violation of governing principles and subject to impeachment. So says Bill Barber. In other words, this next election is the test for constituency acceptance or rejection. The majority in congress are going to do whatever their going to do. And citizens have an obligation to unseat these liberal progressives in favor of conservatives; inclusive to such a result, it is implied that no matter what these socialists impose the new congress can dispose.


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