Authored by William Robert Barber

“We want our money back. We want our money back! And we’re going to get your money back-every dime, each and every dime.”

Does anyone actually believe the sincerity of President Obama’s declaration? Sounds more like his pledge of CSPAN transparency; wherein, instead of televised real-time transparency, healthcare debates were held behind the closed doors of a Democrats-only caucus. Details of exactness as to the contextual merits of the actual legislation were safely deposited within the mind of the closed-lipped Senator Reid; clearly, Mr. Obama has an issue with truthfulness.

Obama’s ideologically enhanced litany of leftist-progressive political principles has eclipsed his ability to enable and implement the political pragmatism presently required. He just can’t bring himself to adjust to the new political realities. His innately intuitive Chicago breed street smarts have retrograded in favor of his political-ALFA impulses; sensibility has been trounced by populist rhetoric. He insists on scurrilous name calling, threats of punitive taxation, and the blatantly stupid continuum of faux charges that only create market-uncertainty when market-certainly is the requirement.

The TARP funding was uneven in application, simpleton in language, forced into place by the inertia of self-induced panic, and wholly void of the diligence required in general prudent lawmaking behavior. Our esteemed elected officials demonstrated the totality of their incompetence by enacting this monstrosity of discombobulating legislation. Now Mr. Obama wants to change the rules of the TARP funding by enhancing the lending agreement, supposedly, in favor of the government. He has decided that the banks got a good deal and now must pay an arbitrary surtax.

When the too-big-to fail banks received their funding (some forced to take the money) the lender did not contractually specify the governess of a pay-czar, a restriction on bonuses, or an additional tax on revenue; indeed, the government just gave up the funds. Well, by means vested into place by the Federal Reserve, the interest on funds- near zero, the banks paid back the money plus interest.  On top of that many of these banks declared huge profits; Obama declares such actions as the “fat-cats.” Imagine, showing a profit, paying federal/state taxes on such and benefiting their shareholders. How unseemly!

Either we are a country of formal laws or not. Rule by arbitrary legislation is un-American, an indicator of despotic inclination, and a definitive of socialistic governess. Obama and his liberal-progressives cannot run roughshod over the fundamental principles of formal law or the rational precepts of this country’s implied precedence. This president cannot manage, lead, or attempt to govern this nation by ad hoc means; a populist agenda requires substantive rules of evidence. For example, what specifically is the lawful advantage of implementing a bank-tax? And why not tax AIG, GMC, and Chrysler?

Obama with the sleight of a the right populist hand has  the intent to imposed the coercive apparatus of government upon a vital sector of this nation’s economy; while arbitrarily, with the left hand, he supports by the simplicity of tax-exception, other certain government funded entities  that were also too-big to fail.

These Obama gals and guys are lost in the distance between the theories prompted by academic inquiry and the reality-law of imprecise results.

They just do not understand that liberty and freedom, for the peoples of America, is of sublime value; withstanding the surety that is promised as possible by Obama’s political brethren. Americans are not willing to limit their ethos of individualism in exchange for any socialistic utopia.

We should require that before running for the highest office in the land that the candidate must manage a candy-store for 1-year.


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