12 03 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

Dependence is a mutually accepted, very human obligatory; such starting with family, continuing with friends, teams, and so on. However, a citizen’s dependence on government has a meaningfulness beyond the simple acceptance of services. Indeed, dependence on government will cost one a portion — if not all — of one’s individual freedom, as well as initiate a society of victims and whiners. Inherent to the dependence on government services are the abatement, if not outright, rescission of self-reliance, self-determination, and the American spirit of existentialism.

Firstly, the premise that the government and its instruments (the elected, non-elected, appointed, regulators) are adhering to their obligations of service in a satisfactory measure and manner, is a consideration of constant concern. I would submit that considering the almost Byzantine structure and massive bureaucratically enriched infrastructure of the federal, state, county, and city governments, regardless of their honest intent or not, the likeliness of 75% effectiveness coupled with any reasonable level of consistent efficiency, is nil. But more importantly, is the government’s  jurisdictional expansion and the varied diversity to their claim of providence.

Secondly, these governments that we depend on are in fact enterprises. Indeed, in many instances they are monolithic monopolies with their own enforcement capabilities. They manage golf courses, bars, restaurants, tennis courts, pools, and parks. Governments are in the lottery racket, have owned and managed brothels, and card rooms. For a profit they confiscate (utilizing the civil & criminal RICO Act) and redistribute cash, cars, boats, and airplanes. Governments account for almost half the cost of gasoline, an increasing percentage of taxes and fees on cigarettes and liquor; via regulatory gimmickry they take a slice off of every material transaction in America.

Thirdly, this Obama government, as if to make President Bush a fiscal conservative instead of the spender that he and his Republican majority surely were, has pulled all the stops on pushing, pulling, and forcing a federal entitlement called “Obama care” on this nation . The final legislative bill remains a mystery; but under all possibilities, the legislation creates another complex of jointed and disjointed agencies and departments. Such a complex has its own issues of cost and management; withstanding, I believe the real cost is a citizen’s dependence on its government. A government that by means of its own can, and often does, change the rules of the game as it suits the perception of its needs.

Charged to manage the affairs of the nation, within the confines of its Constitution, each state in the nation voted for a very strong federal system of governess. Over the last two hundred years or so, this federal system has succeeded in its efforts by bequeath, mandate, or regulation to increase unanticipated power to itself. The result has effectually abated the power originally ordained to the states. For citizens, the governments have successfully designed a culture of compulsory, even expected, welfare-like dependence.

Congressperson have meandered into the purgatory of perpetual electoral inertia; wherein, fundraising, perks, the next election, party politics, and general nonsense has captured the mainstay of its time and effort. The result, for the most part, is the nothingness of strive for the sake of a win; all the while running up a federal deficit of elephantine proportion.




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