19 03 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

Today, there is no doubt that the House of Representatives and its ipso facto socialist majority, the very political party of Democrats that parade under the more marketable guise of liberal progressives, the ones that are excellently exemplified by the leadership of Senators Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid… they legislate and govern as they please.

For reasons of extreme and timely perfection and a lot of help from President Bush and the Republicans, these soi-disant representatives of the American people have the power to abuse. 2010 is, for the conservative governess of this country, the Rubicon of non-recourse. Either we overtake the majority in the House and the Senate, or we have doomed this nation-state to socialism. There can be no quarter, no compromise, no settling for half-a-loaf — either we overtake the opposition in whole, or we fail. If we fail to gain control, the Democratic majority will deem their socialistic agenda into law.

Interestingly, the governing thesis of the liberal progressives aka socialists, despite their insistence to the contrary, upon implementation are establishing nothing less than a bureaucratically enriched oligarchy. Truly, as the opposition is fond of pointing out, elections have consequences; nevertheless, Harvard graduate or not, no matter the IQ or the dynamics of one’s rhetorical eloquence, the round will not fit into the square.

As long as the sum of 1+1 equals 2, rain wet, and gravity constant: The economic-socio-cultural ideals touted by Liberal Progressives will never bear up to the reality of the whimsicalness of markets nor the predominance of the often operationally dysfunctional, and the always unpredictability of pseudo-sapient behavior.

Government cannot regulate good sense or morality, nor can governments anticipate and act with timeliness. Hell, government cannot even manage its own designs with any consistency; government pledges and promises transparency, ethics, statutory adherence, and fiscal righteousness — but delivery of such always falls short because at its ethos, governments are corrupt.

The basis of a progressive’s economic plan and relevant operational agenda is founded a continuum of socio-economic grading. The goal is to eradicate individual exceptional(ism). The initial objective is to abate the distinction between the have-less and the have-more. Naturally, in an oligarchy the wise and sublime are granted a waiver.

For Obama and brethren, the order of battle is the governmental control of healthcare, energy resources, and education. To follow is a world order wherein governess is manifested in a consortium of willing nation-states. The United States of America is the only super power. Therefore, in the interest of ‘good faith’, the objective is to achieve a common denomination of power and resources; therefore, this nation must relinquish its superpower status and affiliate by subordination to an equal nation status. This equilibrium amongst nations is the price and the precedence to the universal realization of social justice.

As stated — but unlike Lenin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China — what these progressives espouse for America is impossible to implement. However, they do have the wherewithal to damage the financial, military, socio-educational and economic present and future of this country. The danger is real. These progressives are hell-bent to discharge their ideals on America. We must defeat them…



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