25 03 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

The progressives have the wind at their back, a willing crew, and control of the helm wheel; the Obama ship of state, as Herman Melville once noted, “cleaves the brine with pinions afloat.” By means extraordinary the progressives have fitted the objections of the majority against healthcare into the bottle of disregard and tossed that bottle into the ocean.

As never before, the progressives of socialistic intentions have turned this right-central nation abruptly to the political left; the intelligentsias have won the day. Hosannas! Obama and his liberal progressives have achieved a great victory.

The Democrats have aligned their votes; the healthcare legislation is a reality. This political party, the party of FDR, is as in pre-WWII the catalyst, the implementer of radical economic and thus socio-cultural change. America is being pushed, unwillingly, into a European style of socialism; we the people can look forward to increased taxes, more governmental interdiction in our private life, and the hiring of many more federal employees.

Proportionately as never before the conservative movement is on a tear; as if on steroids, the opposition to Obama and his flock of progressives is focused and pointed. The objective is to retain and enrich this rally of anti-Obama policies into the November elections. The goal is to gain majority control of both houses of congress and position the electorate to vote down the healthcare ramification while capturing the presidency in 2012.

The conservative movement with its present anti-Obama government enthusiasm must not simply rescind what can be rescinded within the healthcare legislation but reinstate the original meaningfulness of the Constitution. The movement must limit and impose restrictions on federal power particularly where that power encroaches on state’s rights. Conservative must attain a super majority of public opinion and sweep liberal progressive representatives, their ideology, and their effect. We must stymie, block, and disable any ability of the Obama government to enact their socialistic, liberal, progressive ideals on this nation state.

Obama promised change and he is delivering the very change he declared; he and his followers must be stopped. Let’s defend the Constitutional concept of check and balance, state’s rights, and individual liberty by voting these progressives not simply out of office but out of contemplation.



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