28 03 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

The fat lady sang. Despite populous efforts to the contrary and zero Republican votes, the process of reconciliation won the day for the socialist and their brethren of leftist ideologues. The liberal progressive enriched Congress has legislatively turned the ship of state onto a sharp 270 degrees to port; the Democrats have won a great victory. Of course these proponents of “change we can believe in” or in other words, the congressional majority, the very ones that have not read the ‘Healthcare Law of the Land.’ At best they can only guess at the unfolding of subsequent possibilities or the ramifications of unintended consequences; of course the only certainty is more government, hence more union employment and higher taxes.

If rescission of the healthcare law is the political focus of us conservatives and such is our “Remember the Alamo”, we have an almost impossible task. Withstanding the recently levied against the “feds’” multi-state lawsuits and the probability of a Supreme Court review, Obama has done his bane upon the efforts of conservatives. Repealing this legislation will be very, very difficult. Nevertheless, such is the sole recourse of counter-Obama opportunity; there is no other alternative but to throw all of these liberal progressives out of office. In other words, the majority control of congress is not sufficient; we will need a super majority to overcome the inevitable presidential veto.

Obama the centrist has finally been exposed to the American people as the liberal progressive socialist of unmitigated origin. With the 15 recess appointments that boldly define the favoritism of union appeal, ‘card check’ legislation so to enable union expansion by disabling the heretofore anonymous voting rights, and the clear appointment of persons’ of leftist credentials.

Obama has taken the glove and slapped the conservatives across the face. “Pistols or swords” is Obama’s offer. I think we should aim for the heart of their socialistic agenda and choose both, pistol AND sword. For the cause of conservative principles, inclusive of personal liberty and freedom, the winning of the forthcoming electoral duel is critical. In this 2010 voting event we must not simply gain a majority — we must demand a super-majority. Anything less than such is, for those of conservative principles, an unsustainable intolerable with political consequences of damning proportion.

Surely we can expect the Democrats to pull out all resources to thwart any and all efforts to replace their majority; and as a prelude to Obama’s reelection in 2012, liberal-media stunts will be the order of the 2010 election period. At stake is simply everything…




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