30 03 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

I do believe that we of variant political prospective lose sight of the material concerns of and for Obama Care. Although cost is critical, it is not the financial cost to the nation, but the cost of liberty and freedom that creates the matter of material concern. There are others, such as Obama’s advocacy for ‘card-check’ laws which favor labor union expansion, the so-called “Green Energy Policy” coupled with the regulatory oversight of greenhouse gases and their investment expenditures. And then there is dealing with the swords-swirling in-hand Obama cavalry charge response toward any parapet of non-acceptance or contrary opinion. Clearly, bullying is the political tactic of the current administration; just as certain is Obama’s (media endorsed) unilateral disregard for the consequences of such bullying.

Of course there would be no bullying if the bully didn’t represent the majority on the playground of congress. Remembering, pushing and shoving begets pushing and shoving. Some fine day the majority will be the minority and like-same will be the declared causation of the tactics employed. One could point out that this strategy of common tactics is detrimental to the cohesiveness of working in the interest of the nation. But then, why do we cling to such objectives (such as cohesiveness) that are more mythic than objective?

Factually, once again in American history, the stakes are too high to compromise. In today’s political climate, one either is — or not; political prospective has come down to exactly that. Either one believes that utilizing government to spread the wealth is a moral virtue; or one believes that by authorizing (the enforcement of law) more government prerogatives as described is nothing less than simple federal empowerment that will result in the continuous abatement of individual liberty and freedom.

The liberal progressives could care less what the healthcare legislation costs and the conservatives consider any increase of taxpayer funds/monies into government an enrichment of federal governing power to the detriment of state sovereignty and a citizen’s lawful prerogatives. Conservatives believe that the ideological beliefs of liberal progressives negatively implicate every aspect of America’s being. In addition, conservatives believe that all political, social, economic, even cultural actions imposed by liberal progressives are designed to establish a socialistic society. Another material concern for conservatives is that the liberal progressives will impose a society wherein the federal government, by the empowerment granted by creeping institutionally delivered federal authority, in the eventual will effectually disable all individual thinking from cradle to grave in favor of what is in the interest of the collective. Such is to be determined by a governmental committee that establishes the order of common good.

For over a hundred years the Elephant and the Donkey have foot-worked their way around the ring; jabbing and thrusting at each other while seeking the opportunity to deliver a knock-out punch. Each dish-out expletives and fronts a politician to perjure and deceive; political parties exist to retain or attain governmental power and therefore, within their sphere, the factual or truthful are mere subordinates. Governmental apparatuses, bureaucracies, committees, boards, and the actions of leaders have been cheerfully purchased from the less than watchful citizenry by the metaphoric exchange of pretense, deception, and purposeful ambiguity.

Political corruption has not just survived but thrived. As a purposeful inducement to a continuance of voter apathy, a little less than 50% of Americans pay any federal taxes whatsoever as a consequence of having no skin in the game (purposefully enacted by politicians to buy votes); a malaise of disinterest has permeated every election, be it city, state, or national. In practical terms citizens’ oversight of governing wherefores is subject to the utility of very expensive lawyers, courts, and a judge’s interpretation of what is.

Well, what is now a law can be changed; we do have recourse but we must act. We conservatives must close ranks and elect conservatives to every elective vacancy; from city to federal, we need to capture, subdue, and cast out all officeholders of socialistic beliefs. There can be no quarter or compromise, Obama has made his intention very obvious: he is a socialist. In response, in the interest of protecting the ideals of our Constitution, we must gain super-majority control of congress.




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