Authored by William Robert Barber

Recently, as if writing the plot and circumstance of a Greek tragedy, the Obama syndicate of dreamers consorted with a number of Middle Eastern voices within, as well as outside of the Clinton state department. The idea was to cause an incident to rile the Israelis and appease the Muslims. The administration picked the construction of apartment buildings in East Jerusalem as the item of contentiousness. Well, the Israelis were indeed riled up but the Muslims remained non appreciative; Obama and Clinton managed to alienate our only allies in the region without advancing the cause of peacefulness one iota.

Not only does this Obama-Clinton policy offensive against the Jewish state not appease the Muslims — this policy of silliness emboldens Israel’s enemies. This foreign policy snafu infuriated members of congress; it irritated pro-Israeli advocates while wasting valuable time and energy for all parties involved. Contrary to the Obama-Clinton policy of enacting fair mindedness, Hezbollah interprets the idea of even-handedness as weakness; this particular American intuitive simply validated the aggressive foreign policies of Syria and Iran.

The issue of paramount concern of this almost ageless conflict is that the Palestinians of Hamas or Arafat persuasion (as does Israel) claim Jerusalem as their capital. The Palestinians are not concerned with Jewish settlements in Jerusalem; they are concerned with Jews in Jerusalem. So settlements or no settlements, the radical elements of Hamas or Arafat persuasion will never accept the sovereignty of Israel, much less settlements in East Jerusalem. Israeli settlements are inconsequential to the issue of concern.

“The SEC vs. Goldman the Abacus 2007-ACI”

Now, this is crazy. The participants are John Paulson, a hedge fund investor, security firm ACA Capital Ltd., and Deutsche Industriebank AG, a German bank, otherwise known as IKB. Notice, all are sophisticated investor institutions who, at their own discretion, willingly and willfully decided to create a “synthetic” (meaning no actual tangibles were involved; the CDO was designed as a future value of certain mortgages) collateralized debt obligation (CDO).

The issue as the SEC declares it: Goldman had an obligation to disclose to the Paulson counter parties, who were betting long, that their counter party, who was betting short, was indeed John Paulson, a hedge fund investor. The agency also alleges that Goldman deceived ACA Management (a unit of ACA Capital ltd.) into believing that Paulson was actually betting/investing in an “equity” tranche on ACA’s side of the deal. Interestingly, however within the terms and conditions of the offering document, it clearly states that an equity tranche was not offered by Goldman. So, either no-one read the offering document, or the proper disclosure was read and, as indicated by their signature, affirmed.

Imagine that the SEC charges that Goldman was responsible for ACA’s “misimpression” that Paulson wanted to invest in the deal. To add injury to insult, the SEC piles on the allegation that ACA executives were not aware that Paulson intended to make bets against the portfolio. So — Goldman is responsible to do all the thinking for ACA??

What scares me regarding this lawsuit is its precedence. Normally, the SEC tries to settle before suing. In the great majority of such enforcement, the vote on the board is unanimous… in this case, it was divided along party lines. So the overriding assertion is that the agency’s motive is nothing less than more power. Therefore, by pressing this lawsuit at this particular time, the SEC helps the Democrats pass the Dodd Bill, regulators gain more funding and more people; indeed, more of everything, except the surety of more diligence and competence.

Fannie and Freddie have cost taxpayers around $400 billion; in 2005 Obama and Dodd voted against proposed tough regulatory legislation for the double F’s. These government-sponsored Enterprises — which had been acquiring increasing numbers of subprime and Alt-A loans for many years in order to meet their HUD — imposed affordable housing requirements and accelerated the purchases that led to their 2008 insolvency. Amazingly, Obama, as a Senator, was the third largest recipient of campaign contributions from the double F’s only behind Senators Dodd and Kerry.

Now, all three of these hypocrites are damning private enterprise as immoral; no wonder the American people trust neither the government nor their politicians.

Well, as often said and always, the result is that we do get the government we deserve…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Although critically essential, my issue with the Obama government is not its spending, it’s not its insistence on favoring union over non-union, it is neither its ideological deception as expressed politically, nor its inherent socio-economic deceptiveness, and it isn’t even its Marxist-socialistic preference over private enterprise and capitalism. My problem with the Obama democrats is their means to achieve; their ends will effectually disable American power, debilitate the nation’s economic system, and establish a federal hyper-dysfunctional entrenched bureaucracy.

As evidenced over the broad swath of history, all economic systems founded on socialistic principles have produced, at worst, catastrophic results (i.e. Nazism, Fascism); at best, (the EU in general and Greece in particular) the results have been objectively ineffectual, a catalyst of ever-increasing dysfunction that by the weight of its incompetence promotes a continuum of unintended consequences, as well as a class of citizenry, comforted into a self-perpetuating scheme of personal entitlement.

In the eventual, the ideologically inspired concepts of liberal-progressivism, as with all brands of socialism, will fail. The liberal-progressives will lose their majority — but that is just one objective, one definitive that one can hold in one’s hand. Remembering, however, there was and is a number of liberal, somewhat progressive politicians within the Republican Party. During their spin at majority, they have spent like a sober-democrat, fashioned a repulsive immigration bill, voted for stupid on a number of occasions; currently, one of them has decided that Americans should fork out 15 cents more for a gallon of gasoline.

The legislative culprit that took an amendment to the constitution to implement is the federal taxation of individual persons’ earnings. That one act of congress abated liberty and individual rights more than any grievance charged within our Declaration of Independence to King George, his soldiers, or his governance. Imagine! Members of Congress, voted into the law of the land that thousands of men, women, and children died to fight.

One of the brothers within the family of liberal progressivism, a close relative of the heretofore mentioned culprit, is the so-called federally enforced progressive tax system; wherein forty to fifty percent of wage earners pay zero federal tax. In other terms, nothing invested, no concern. Therefore, the majority will always vote to take more from the minority. The democrats have a fortune on this progressive system of taxation. Obama gave my money to the deserving because he decided, along with the beneficiaries, that such was fair. Of course the deserving voted for the man who would give them my money — they’re no dummies.

Now all of these family members, regardless of party, reinforce their privilege of lifetime elective office as well as voting for salary increases, commensurate with more cash for expenses and staff.

Congress has gone mad with power, arrogance, and the unrelenting practice of stupid… it is time for notice and consequence.


Authored by William Robert Barber

There are historians of French governments that have suggested that the French Revolution of 1789 was significantly incited by its deficit financing of the American Revolution. If so, the persuasion of Misters Franklin and Adams cost King Louis XVI his head. Accordingly, President Obama’s majority has been persuaded to vote into place a federal deficit that even after the adjustment for inflation would make good King Louie’s financial underwriting of the American War of Independence a pittance.

Well, at least King Louis had a definitive foreign policy motive; England was a strategic rival. But for the liberal progressives, their motivation is not so clear-headed. Indeed, the progressives’ motive is concealed within an opaque of ideological complexities. Their attempt at explanation results in a continuum of ambiguities and stylistic themes embedded with popularism-like possibilities. Obama and company struggle to define the exact-meaningfulness of the very policies they parade.

In the finality, Obama rests his vision on the socialistic concept of fairness, equity, and the leveling of the playing field. Of course with America being a nation of laws, the implementation of his agenda of socialist-progressiveness requires actions by means legal and extra legal. Note the recent 51 instead of 60 votes in the Senate regarding health care legislation as an example of his methodology of application… The entire process was corruptive, yet doctored with the pretence of statutorily compliance.

Ideological fuel will enable super-events; nevertheless, just as gravity cannot be denied so to the limit of ideology when confronted with the real and practical. In the interest of what is called “social justice”, Obama has loaded — and is presently loading — the mule train of private enterprise with too many passengers for the number of mules. Sensibility deduces that somewhere along the journey, eventually, some of the passengers will need to walk instead of ride.

Respective of the obvious denying of empirical soundness, Obama and his progressives insist on taxing and regulating the very enterprises that purchase, monitor, and manage the mules. The only possible result of such counter productiveness is less mules and more passengers. As a consequence, regardless of the progressives’ prediction that the Obama brand is “change that we can believe in”, his interpretive is in fact nothing less than the establishment of oligarchic-socialism that will not survive economic nor social reality. In order for Obama to implement his agenda, he must violate the spirit and meaningfulness of this nation’s constitution.

These contrarians of American values and traditions must be voted into obscurity. In the next election, as Rome delivered to Carthage in the Third Punic War, we conservatives must deliver in-kind to these progressives.


Authored by William Robert Barber

I am sick and tired of being managed by the elected, their appointed and selected, as if I was a blithering idiot. Believability is an essential component of governing. The subordination of citizen to the law of the land can only be achieved if there is an unwritten morally founded understanding between those that govern and the governed. This Obama administration has lost and is losing the pieces and parts, the moral fabric, the very stitching that bonds citizen to government. There has been way too much bullshit spread around the byways of congress, the White House, and the offices of this administration’s leadership.

Our elected have an insatiable appetite for presenting spews of hypocrisies (to the American people); these hypocrisies are multi-faceted in content as well as process. The elected are overt when presenting their pretensions; without even the courtesy of clever deception they overtly contradict their once closely held convictions. Indeed they are steadfast in their duplicitous, blatantly obvious, two-facedness.

The elected, once empowered, prance, dance, and rhetorically wiggle their ideological nonsense with an arrogance that can only be described as oligarchic in comportment. The behavioral actions of the Democratic Party, enthusiastically demonstrated by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, consider the federal government as the omnipotent authority; as such, this authority has the right of omnipresence in the lives of every American citizen. Accordingly, the power of the federal government has no specific constitutional limits, less to serve the interest of the subjectively interpreted common good.

Contradictions in fact are exactly that… hell, we have them video taped. Documented videos of Democratic politicians taking positions when they were out of power, righteously pronouncing positions on policy, process, and substance that they now directly contradict. Although, it is now the Democrats captured in these outrageous contradictions; the Republicans were as culpable. Power is the seducer of sensibility, faith, hope, and charity.

A government — not just this American government — is by compulsion omnivorous; government left to its intrinsic proclivity will eat its young. Since the time of Ur, power enhanced and, embedded within, the few have suppressed, eradicated, and abused individual liberty and freedom. Do we really need to relearn the same lesson over and over again?

The Obama movement must be stopped; by the grace of good sense, we Americans must not be fooled by the promises of the utopian socialist dreams of heaven on earth. This administration is managed by a cadre of ideologically driven socialists… Let’s pay attention and vote them out of sight and hearing!